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  1. Hi . I' m writing to see if there is repainters. Doing any repaints. It sure has been along time. Like see to more for the tundra,100 float, like to see some American repaints. So I know I'm not alone on this .There is a lot of outstanding repainters out there. The old twin otter has all kinds of repaints.!! TwoWolves.
  2. I found one at www.airliners .net I tryed to post it but failed.I typed in Alaska twin otter. They had three pictures of Alaska twin otter one of them was era alaska.I hope it can be done. That would be outstanding. thank you writing. Chet Two Wolves
  3. Is there any one of you great repainters. And there is some good repainters out there. I hope one you would of be willing to do an era alaska in the tundra version. Chet Two Wolves
  4. Tom thank you!!!.Can't wait. Chet two wolves
  5. I hopeing for a repaint of the tundra twin otter.Era Alaska Or Kenmore air float.I know Kenmore don't fly otters but still be nice to have a repaint of Kenmore air for the float
  6. Hi.Otto,Yes i did look at downloads for the twin otter.I was trying to see if some one could to a repaint for orcas island.Or do just a plane white with american reg.I would like it done for the 300 wheels, not the modern 300.Thanks for trying to help.Two Wolves
  7. Hello.I'm hoping someone could do a all white twin otter 300 wheel version.With american Reg.No.To use with pnw.I really would to like to see a repaint done to fit in with orcas island.Two Wolves
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