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  1. You're right. Lets not forget what we are doing. *WE* aren't doing anything...the designers are. You could build a real huey because all those plans are made already and it's all laid out and there are many employees working together *AND GETTING PAID TO WORK*. The pay for the Aerosoft Huey development doesn't start until the product is released. This is the equivalent to designing a new helicopter. You need to build the "parts", put them together, check and see how they look, make models that animate the moving parts, create the sounds, link the switches, create the flight dynamics, test the flight dynamics, add bump mapping and self shadowing, remove glitches, develop alternate paints and paint kits, write the manuals, and more. In addition to all of that some people have to hold down jobs outside of this, because the $30-40 they're going to charge you is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs involved and believe it or not, designers are people too, and some of them actually have families. So in addition to doing all of this, which you seem to think should take a matter of weeks, they also need to carry out their "regular" lives (if applicable), and also fulfill family obligations. By your attitude, I would assume you to be single, so I will explain. Women, especially married ones, need to actually see their significant other (regardless of how significant) at some point. Disappearing into a computer-filled 'man-cave' for months on end is detrimental to a marriage, and is harder yet if there are children involved. These little ankle biters have a hard time understanding that daddy (or mommy) cannot make their baseball game to watch them hit the home run like everyone else's parents because they're slaving away looking at C++ coding (or whatever coding is needed) to appease an impatient and downright rude customer who will result in approximately 1% of their 'return income'. Sir, at the risk of being rude, your statements are grossly out of line and I feel drastically inflate your "contributions". Were you investing thousands in EACH project I could understand your frustration and stomach your comments, but despite the civil efforts of members here to point out that they could be delivering a crap product to you right away, you insist in doing nothing to resolve the issue aside from throwing an "internet temper tantrum". Since obviously you are an expert in how long it should take to do it right and do it well, I suggest that you invest in 3Dmax and start your own version. I have been involved in some of the "behind the scenes" on projects, and understand why these take a while. And as I said before, they could release a pathetic Huey in the matter of a few months, and I'm certain that your voice would be in the chorus of malcontents wanting a refund for releasing a fantastic piece of trash. I, for one, would rather invest my money in a worthwhile project, even if it does take a while to develop. Jon
  2. -Edited: My apologies. I misread the post statement of "days gone by", and later posts have clarified my submission is invalid. As a result, I have withdrawn this submission. Jon
  3. Do you know how much these cost to develop? Your $500 contribution wouldn't even cover purchasing a base model pre-done, much less additional work. Many of these guys are not "career designers", and even if they are, they still have obligations outside of here. How many times have we heard people complain about certain developers releasing a product that crashes and is full of bugs and glitches...requiring a v1.1 patch less than 2 days after release?? Then there are ones that are hurried through development leading to a model being released that is not worth much because it looks too "computer-y"?? Pushing these guys is part of why some designers that HAVE the talent hate the job. Please try to respect that while your contributions are noted, they do not give you the right to be disrespectful to those who provide the services. Doing so will do nothing to further your cause, and may serve to secure that designer's disdain for the "vocal minority" and push him out of future releases. Frankly, I'm glad that I can purchase an Aerosoft product without worrying about extensive updates being required shortly after release. I also am glad that I can buy them and know that I am getting a QUALITY product. My own purchase list of Aerosoft has been a long list, but I do not feel the need to go into a "bragging rights". My contributions may or may not equate to $500. I don't really know, and either way, it is just a part of what this overall group has done. I will continue to buy as long as Aerosoft maintains it's present stance on quality products, quality customer service, and friendly forum members. Thank you to CMP for the Nemeth Designs link. I will definitely grab that one. Of course, I'll still buy the Aerosoft product on release as I support those that I believe in, and I've almost never been disappointed with an Aerosoft release. Furthermore, never before have I seen a company as dedicated to their customers, as well as using their status to help raise money towards humanitarian efforts. Keep it up!! And thank you to the designer. The time invested will almost certainly equate to a product that while many of us foam at the mouth...we will all be sure to enjoy it for a long time to come!!! Jon
  4. If you guys do a US WW2 one of the Black Cats, and REALLY want to impress people with how much you know, here's a little tidbit: The EARLY "Black Cat" squadron PBY's actually utilized lamp black over a traditional PBY paint scheme, and would need to reapply it after several flights, as the water would wash the aircraft clean in areas and thus render the "night camouflage" useless. You could do either version, but the original with hints of blue underneath would be REALLY cool to see!! Jon
  5. While it sounds funny, they did have a documentary about a security advisor for the WTC (ironically killed in the collapse) that was convinced that Osama bin Ladin was going to launch an attack on the WTCs, and I think he even demonstrated how easy it was on Flight Simulator. While I think that the likelihood of a terrorist buying FSX with acceleration and that, the threat is unfortunately somewhat real....especially as flight simulators get more realistic. Navy ships are less likely to be targeted due to them not being considered an easy target. Minneapolis would be cool as well. As would a high quality San Diego (navy yards) or Pearl Harbor/O'ahu.....I see the photoreal scenery, but nothing on the cities. Especially with the Catalina, a good Pearl Harbor scenery would be awesome....or some good island scenery to put together some WWII shots. Jon
  6. They're not the only ones!! hehe. I have been foaming at the mouth for a few months now. Especially with the release of another person's battleship...I'm thinking those high altitude shots would be AMAZING!!! Jon
  7. If I can put in a request for a Dustoff as well....hehe. I have pictures from the AMEDD center and school if that would help....and could provide whatever assistance is necessary. Doesn't need to be all prettied up with the hanging litters and stuff, as most of the VN dustoffs were basically birds that they just threw the wounded into...so it'd be a lot easier than a UH-60Q. Jon
  8. Its a short final, but that's a luxury I can afford...lol. Absolutely beautiful screenshots from everyone.... Jon
  9. No problem...."Jon" or "Chaser" works. Either or. I did also discover that for some reason with at least one or two models that when you decrease the flaps with the missile/tanks on the F-5E it thinks that the right sidewinder is the leading edge spoiler and angles that one down. Really quite an eccentric sight, but if you drop all stores, then the flaps work as they should. Still a beautiful model.... Jon
  10. I just tried and it does not actually do so. I'm going to try playing with the shockwave lights too.... Pity...but otherwise is a spectacular model. Jon
  11. Does anyone have any ideas on who to talk to regarding repaints for the F-5E Tiger? I'm looking to get a number of paints made for VMFT-401 for a video I'm working on, and would love to get someone's assistance as the gentleman who helps usually is tied up with other projects and can't help for quite a while. Thanks in advance. Jon
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