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  1. I don't know anything about what it would take to "update" your -16.. but it is the prettiest jet in FSX and a modernized or even a new version compatible with TackPack, wow ! $$$ for you. Thanks paul
  2. Hi BigT The first real world F-16s (A model) had their idle thrust down-rated from about 880 lbs, to 600 plus...it was pushing the jet a litle hard at idle. That was with the old F100-200 motors. You can down-rate the Aerosoft -16 too. Not sure if the developers intended this to be done (at our own risk maybe), but it was fun playing around with it. Pick an F-16 model (the config below is the F-16C 9-9-131) and go to its config file.,then to the config below for example. I turned the static_thrust down from 17155 lbs to as low as 12000 and played with the numbers in between all the way back to 17155. It will slow your taxi down, but make things sluggish while airborne in military power, if it's set too low. :-) Give it a try if you wish. Make sure you back up the orginal config files somewhere first. Let me know if I can help you out with that. The f-16 is known to hop a little on landing due to the short distance between the main wheels...it can be a little tricky, but I wouldnt say its dangerous by any stretch. Code One magazine had an archive of wonderful articles by the late Joe Bill Dryden, a legend in the early F-16 community. http://www.codeonema....com/index.html He discussed every topic imagined having to do with the F-16. Try Code One, or google Joe Bill's name, see if they are still around. Ive been through them about 5 times...must get at them again. :-) take care and good flying ! paul --------------- [TURBINEENGINEDATA] fuel_flow_gain = 0.003 inlet_area = 6.25 rated_N2_rpm = 29100 static_thrust = 17155 afterburner_available = 6 afterburner_throttle_threshold = 0.80 reverser_available = 0 ThrustSpecificFuelConsumption = 0.67 AfterBurnThrustSpecificFuelConsumption = 2.12
  3. tonight we ride...

  4. Beautiful paint ! Thank you for making it. Still the prettiest jet out there and an eye-watering performer .
  5. Hi Shaun Just a note to "say" and encourage. Even after a few years and much growth in complexity of add-ons for FSX, your Viper is still a beauty. I am wowed by the VC-pilot animation combo in your product...nothing like it. The Viper is still the prettiest jet in RW tactical aviation, with enthusiasts just excited about it as they were when it went operational 30 plus years ago. The latest block versions will keep it tactically effective for a couple more decades at least. In my opinion, should Aerosoft decide to update this beauty in any way, its a win for the FSX community and would be a $$$ boost for Aerosoft. Merry Christmas and happy new year to the team at Aerosoft & thank you. paul
  6. An informative read. enjoy:-) paul ------------------------------------------------------- http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/docs/16v5.pdf AIR COMBAT COMMAND (ACC) MULTI-COMMAND HANDBOOK 11-F16 AIR EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMMAND (AETC) VOLUME 5 NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU (NGB) EFFECTIVE DATE: 10 MAY 1996 PACIFIC AIR FORCES (PACAF) UNITED STATES AIR FORCES IN EUROPE (USAFE) Flying Operations F-16 COMBAT AIRCRAFT FUNDAMENTALS
  7. Happy New Year ! No, there are no effects for hitting mach. barely noticeable in the actual jet. Externally, effects such as shock cone vapor, vary, depending on atmospheric conditions.
  8. try a little nose-up trim before your pulls...thats all you need :-)
  9. clear air viz unlimited

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