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    Hi Everything is working good, except the reverse. I setup Throttle 1 and 2 in P3D V5 Axis and when i bring power down then engage reverse and move the throttle all the way back, the reverse is not engaging and you can only see the reverse thrust quarter up and not fully up. Can you please help. Thank you
  1. Well , it is very easy for developers to transfer to a advanced version as they are just getting the system for advanced but the models and VC are already so realistic. They only have to upgrade the gauges and so on
  2. Thank you Mathijs for the reply, I will definitely buy the aircraft as i never had an aircraft that realistic , I dont mind if its easy to fly but what i can see the level of detail in the VC is awesome so iam more a vc guy then a system in an airbus .
  3. Hi Mathijs, I have been following this project for a long time and i love the improvements that you guys have done on this bird. I just have small question , i always fly on Vatsim and i was wondering if we are going to be able to add SID/STARS into the aircraft and not only GPS Points as sometimes Vatsim Tower's asks yo to change the VOR intersection Point and you cant change on GPS. I will really like an answer and iam really sorry for my english
  4. Will there be a download version of the product or no.
  5. does the wipers work , and does the windows open and close
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