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  1. This was fixed with the 1.10 update. I really don't have a clue why you still have these two issues in your FSX. I checked both the source code and Tahiti X running in my FSX and all is 100% OK. No trees or ILS facility showing up.
  2. The autogen issue is already fixed in version download and boxed version.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. The autogen issue at Uturoa airport (Raiatea) will be fixed.
  4. Sometimes it takes some days until the update is published on Aerosoft's partner sites as well..perhaps Shaun knows more about it.
  5. @bandsma: Actually the number of pine trees will be slightly increased by version 1.10, at least if you have Ground Environment X installed. The reason for this is that we tried to make the overall look of the islands more tropical by making use of the original Microsoft Hawaii landclass set. These textures were optimised for tropical islands but feature autogen pine trees, which can be found in some areas of the South Pacfic. We think it is an acceptable trade-off. However, if our customers do not agree we will consider to release an optional update that will reinstate our original landclass.
  6. I don't think..because hypocritical are the guys who are always complaining. Mathijs explained very well why it isn't possible to make a photoreal Tahiti scenery..and btw Tahiti X is one of the best-selling download products ever. @macroth72: I couldn't say it better, Kai. It's exactly what I'm thinking about this issue.
  7. The update is not far from release. It's in testing stage now. By the way it will be version 1.1 and not 1.03 because it also includes a complete landclass update.
  8. Thank you. I like it very much. Indeed the sequence is more logical now..and of course the ICAO identifier of Maupiti airport is NTTP
  9. Hello again, James the ILS facility in the water and the misplaced scenery objects (floating airplane) will be fixed in the next patch. On my system I neither have the autogen issues nor the hovering lights that you're describing. I'm not sure but possibly reinstalling the scenery with the complete 1.02 EXE-file (instead of the update ZIP-file) could fix this. I'll try to release the next update until mid-february.
  10. Great-looking shots Thank you very much and.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!!!
  11. v1.02 is the newest version available (release date 09-12-08). In fact you've to wait until v1.03 will be released About the issue in Raiatea. I tested a lot in the last week but I don't have any bug there on my computer. Everything is fine. Perhaps a fresh re-install with the v.102 EXE could solve it on your computer.
  12. Hello James, feel free to post everything you see..brings Tahiti X to perfection you still have these "exclude" issues in Raiatea (Uturoa)?
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