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  1. everything is the same as it was before, just one day the color was off, like the front was dirty and the back wasnt
  2. i noticed that all of the sudden my thunderbird didnt look right, the textures for some reason dont match anymore, the color is off from the front to the back portion, it wasnt like that when i first got it though ...any ideas? fix.BMP
  3. i dont mean to sound unfriendly to our neibors but i live in the US and i dont really fly anywhere else. so i would like to see something in the US for a mission. everyone is always flying missions in other country and there is hardly anything for the US. After all you did give us a thunderbird, i supplied 2-6, give us something to do with them. just my opinion
  4. i just added it to that site so it will be there soon!
  5. the T'birds are just like the blue angels, they fly a Delta formation that consists of 6 jets, the diamond (1-4), and the solos (5-6) but that idea is great....if you want the 2-6 textures with a uniform and helmet correction i just finished them....you'll need 7zip or WinRAR or WinMount i think to decompress them.... the file is located here... http://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/new11.htm
  6. well i know that the vapor is possible because there is a freeware f-18 that has it.. .only thing is that it has to be activated when you turn the lights on....second there is a f-14 tomcat out there somewhere that i know that has the sonic boom and you can hear it and get vapor if you fly outside say in spot plane view. ...and i use this view alot for vids and pics when i fly with my team but it was just an idea....you guys did a great job!
  7. would it at all be possible to get a sonic boom effect on these great planes.... i have yet to see a descent vapor cone in fsx.. .and was just wondering if it could be done with these...its kinda sad to be able to go the right speed and not get that great sound off it..... i love the plane no matter what but this would be a great addition to it!
  8. ok well then your not really experienced then huh....just go in your fsx folder then sim objects, airplanes and go into the f-16 folders and delet the textures you dont want....how hard is that....though thats kinda useless because i have alot, and i mean alot of add on aircraft and i notice no change in load time from anything.... hope that helps you
  9. i dont think its local to your rig because i noticed the same problem myself
  10. is it possible that i can get the file that has them enabled for accelersation as that is what i am running...also i saw it before and now i cant seem to find it, but is it possible that i can get the code for the shockwave 3D lights?
  11. i noticed when i flew the f-16 at night i have no lights illuminating the ground, i check to make sure that the taxi/landing lights were on and they were, so i was wondering if there was a way to fix this.....i cant see where im going at night any help would be great! thanks in advance PS - the plane is absolutly amazing i love it, well worth the wait, you did a great job!
  12. a release estimation would be awsome!! is it possible to get one?
  13. so its september now...is there a release date set? i have been waiting for this for a very VERY long time. i just cant stand the wait. by the way the sceenshots are wicked, nice job!
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