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  1. I know that this question does not belong to this post/thread but would you need someone to write the manual in Catalan. It's a co-official language alongside Spanish in my region. (I live in Mallorca, Spain)
  2. Hello, I wanted to know if there are plans to update the scenery to P3D v4. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to have a digital copy of the charts from Madeira X Evolution Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I bought today from Saturn The boxed version from Madeira X Evolution. When I entered the key to download the v1.05a the site told me that this was an incorrect key. Please helps as soon as possible. Problem Solved by me.
  5. I have the A318, A319, A320, A321. Would be it be 16 € + VAT or 32 €? I bought them on a external site (Gamerocket). Who would be responsible for the update or can I buy the update on the aerosoft site? Sorry for the stupid question
  6. Would you consider buying a stick of RAM or an M.2 SSD? Just so I know what I have to buy.
  7. If they don't want to give the new version, Would it be possible that Aerosoft could give the new version? I would send you the confirmation email via PM if it's possible.
  8. Thank you. I was also planning to use an M.2 SSD. Does someone know if the WB 256 GB SSD works on a Z270G (Asus)?
  9. I already bought the PC some time ago and I'm planning to "upgrade" it with a dedicated sim drive.
  10. Thanks. I'm planning to run some addons like the PMDG 777 and 737 and some airport addons. Does it impact more the performance than on FSX just for making some expectations for the performance. and is it important to have an SSD for P3D?
  11. Hello, I just wanted to know if my main PC is good enough for a change to P3D v4. CPU: i7 7700K 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 1TB HDD GTX 1050 Ti. I'm planning to upgrade the GPU in one or two years. Thanks in advance
  12. I have contacted them and I will see what they will reply. I will keep you updated.
  13. Hello, I bought it from Gamesrocket and apparently, they don't have my account anymore. On support.aerosoft.com I was able to redownload them with the key but now they don't have the version up there yet.
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