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  1. Mathijs,


    Back on 9 December I posted a polite message on the AES sub-forum asking Oliver to update us on the status of AES. Given I have paid over £140 for AES credits I felt I was entitled to know what the future is for AES.


    I'm not talking about it working with Steam or P3D but basic stuff like the baggage handlers unloading and loading an aircraft. Currently they just stand there and do nothing. For a specialist program that's not very good.


    There were a few messages from Moderators who I politely asked not to reply as I wanted to hear only from Oliver. Eventually, the topic was locked even though no improper language had been used.

    I posted another topic a couple of weeks later again asking why Oliver visits the forum but doesn't answer questions from a loyal customer. That too was locked.


    Today I see yet another topic asking for news has been locked. Have you noticed a trend developing here? Every reasonable question about the future of AES is locked. This seems totally unreasonable. If you have access to Oliver perhaps you can persuade him to post something because as things stand I'm done buying any more credits until I hear some news.


    Thank you.

  2. Mathijs,

    You may have seen my post on the AES sub-forum about lack of development of AES for FSX:MS. I am expecting Oliver to post a reply given the amount I have invested in his product.

    Looking through the forum posts he doesn't appear to have answered any questions since 4 October - over 2 months ago.

    I have no idea why he's taken such a step away from support but my post is one he needs to answer. Can you give him a nudge please? I'm sure plenty of those who have invested heavily in AES want to know what the future holds.


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