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  1. Hi There, I have been flying Aerosoft Airbuses for many years, first on FSX then P3d v2 with no problems. On the 28th Dec I installed P3d v4.4 and also Airbus professional A318-A321. Initially I had no problems with the aircraft, then a little over a week ago (an update perhaps) I started experiencing the same problems as other Airbus professional operators eg sudden loss of airspeed in managed mode during the climb or cruise. I also suspect that there are far more than 34 customers with this problem, they are just waiting to see if the problems can be solved. I note that the popular theory at the moment is the various weather engines are causing the problems. However, at the moment the only weather I am using is the P3d 4.4 in house weather as I am still deciding which system to use. So it would appear that in my case Active Sky, Rex, IVAO and IVAP for example are not the culprits. I hope this problem is solved soon, it is spoiling what was an excellent Aerosoft addon. Was looking forward to the arrival of the A330-300. Best regards John
    Having spent some time downloading and installing the 2048px virtual cockpit for the short haul Airbusses, I can't say I've noticed any great improvement. Maybe I haven't installed it correctly. I haven't had a chance to fly the aircraft since the upgrade so I cannot say whether it has effected the performance in any way as yet.
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