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  1. Yes I agree, I will have to figure it out then using FSUIP. I just hope that MarcelFelde is using Aerofly FS2 and will convert the Katana to this platform someday.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. There is an option to use the H key for Carb Heat in the default assignments but this unfortunately does not seem to work with the DA 20 100 Katana so I cannot configure it to a button.
  3. In one of the closed threads it says, don't assign the button variable to an axis, use the one for a lever: LEVER_CARB_HEAT How is this done as I cannot find any reference to a carb. heat, or a LEVER_CARB axis in FSUIPC 4.974, with FSX SE? BTW the DA 20 100 4X is a superb aircraft just like the real thing. I just hope that it will be continued in a more modern flight simulator.
  4. If I purchase the X-Plane Global which is now available, will it include the highly detailed scenery for Nice (LFMN), Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) and Faro (LPFR)? I am asking because this is said to be only in the European version.! I guess it means the European version of X-Plane Global.
  5. Wow! Is there a European distributor for that kit?
  6. Well I think that it looks pretty dam excellent. It has to be 'the special one' for fsx. Well done Aerosoft, can't wait. John
  7. Looks fantastic so far and so detailed : counting the days John
  8. Hi, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the speed and quality of the support for fsmap. Initially I had a problem with connecting it to a network pc but Thomas immediately pointed to my typo for the SimConnect configuration for FSX and "bingo" I now have a networked pc running fsmap, pretty cool! John pipeorgan Starting Member Posts: 1 Joined: May 12 2009 Private messageTop
  9. Hi George Your spec is quite good so you should be getting much better frame rates than you are currently experiencing. I feel sure that your system is not set up correctly.
  10. Thanks Shaun. I don't know why my search didn't pick your post up!? Just a few of my settings are different so I will experiment and see if I can improve things
  11. I have now manged to find a very good profile for fs9 on the nhanser forum. Must say though that fs9 is superb for airliners, I installed it for the AirSimer A320 and the frame rates that I get at Paderborn airport are much better than those for fsx
  12. I am an FSX user but recently have installed FS9. Can anyone suggest what the best 'enhancer setting are for fs9' to obtain the best screen graphics? John
  13. You can get a free formation add on from Have fun John
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