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  1. I know this thread is old but I am reviving it because I can add something to it: 1st - I just had this issue today while flying the A319 (version flying the step by step guide); 2nd- Turning off the Copilot solved the issue. I could switch the cabin sign switches to the off position and finish the checklist manually. Cheers,
  2. Thanks for you help, I missed you saying that the manager wasn't available the first time. I was able to install the liveries into the 330 manually, no problems there. Still, my original report remains - i was unable to use the Livery installer:
  3. I have just updated the 320 to the newest version and found the EFB in the cockpit. I too didn't feel the need for it as I use navigraph. Perhaps after I start using it I won't want to be without it, though. But maybe everting to the older aircraft version is an option. One thing - since it covers the paper clip, does this mean I cannot print those paper snippets any longer? I really like that feature.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply, I installed this file from this forum: AS_LIVERY_SETUP_P3DV4_V1000.EXE (this is the installer), so my report refers to this installer. When run, it recognizes all my Aerosoft airplanes - A318 through 321 and the 330. It also has a line a dropdown option for the CRJ and DC8, but I don't own those two. I was able to install the A319 and A32X liveries using their respective livery managers but it seems the A330 doesn't have a livery manager - inside the A330 folder I found a A318-A319 livery manager.
  5. Greetings, Before I go to install my liveries manually I though I should report this. Just installed the latest versions of the A31X, A32X and A330, and the livery installer downloaded from this forum. I have some TAP Air Portugal liveries for each of the the 3 Buses and tried installing them without sucess: Dragging and dropping the zip files didn't work for any of them: "No product and aircraft model could be found for use with this livery" Opening the file by browsing inside the livery installer did the same result. (Opening the zip and dragging the folder inside resulted in a window popping up with "The following liveries have been installed:" but no livery ID listed, only the OK button to close the window. Yet I now have those livery texture folders installed in my C:\ root folder. There's no new liveries appearing on the livery list of the livery installer. Also, why does the 330 come with a livery manager for the A318-319? And my Livery Installer buttons are half hidden because the window is too small yet I cannot maximize it (I'm using Windows 7 still). Apologies if I am doing something very wrong and missed it. Maybe these liveries (downloaded from this forum) aren't compatible with this installer?
  6. I like your taste, Mathjis. About the Catalina I would suggest these requests: The PBY from the movie Always http://www.scalefirebombers.com/index3.html The ability to drop "red stuff". A better than great sound for the rotary engines, including start up and shut down that works well with my subwoofer. It already looks great. Rui
  7. About Lisbon, I hear the author of scenery for Portugal and Madeira Islands (sold by Aerosoft) is designing a new scenery for portugal including of course Lisbon, after having released some time ago the complete Terrain coverage with updated mesh, coastlines, rivers and roads (which, being a portuguese guy and pilot myself I can atest it's amazing). Take a peek at WWW.PTSIM.COM for any news. I have never heard of someone else designing a scenery for Lisbon appart from the freeware project Projecto Portugal Perfeito, available from Flightsim.com. Cheers! Rui
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