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  1. Hi @fernandito1969 If you haven't already tried it, it may help if you run the Windows system file checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files. Also, I've fixed some crashes by reinstalling the latest graphics drivers using this tool: It's most effective if you select the 'safe mode' option. Make sure you have the latest driver downloaded first. I've never heard the 'rotors' checklist item - did you definitely hear it in a previous version? Good luck, Dave.
  2. Hi @AidanM Kernelbase errors can be caused by drivers. Try a clean install of the latest graphics driver using Display Driver Uninstaller DDU in safe mode. Good luck, Dave.
  3. Hi @gollum65, There's a sticky thread for this: You might want to post something in there..
  4. (1) Use fuel planner to enter load / fuel CRZ ALT etc and press generate loadsheet. (2) MCDU3 Load Fuel / Initialise loadsheet. (3) Call GSX and select Start boarding. It's all automatic after that if you have the appropriate GSX settings enabled. There may be a 5min delay with the fuel loading but Aerosoft are looking into that. Cheers, Dave.
  5. I didn't know Santa Claus worked for Aerosoft - that explains the reins in the A320 virtual cockpit... šŸ™‚ Seriously - thanks for looking into this..
  6. Cheers guys - I thought maybe I'd had one too many beers in the cockpit and I was seeing things. The route was generated in Simbrief then imported into ProATC/X - it's entirely possible that ProATC/X mangled it. Dave. MMMXMMUN_FSX_22Jul19.pln
  7. Hi, P3D v 4.5 latest experiment update. A321 JetBlue Livery. Just a minor issue but the waypoint between AXUKU & TULUM should be displayed as MID. I'm not sure what these funny characters are, but it's the first time I've seen this. Flightplan: MMMX/05R APN7A APN UT19 MID UJ18 LOKMA MMUN/LOKMA.I12R2 No biggie! Dave.
  8. Hi @mtlt In managed CLB mode the aircraft will pitch down to increase speed above FL100. Vertical speed will also decrease the higher you get as the engines are less effective at higher altitudes. Weather and weight will also have an effect on the CLB profile. Are you using a weather add-on? Dave.
  9. Good news Carl! I also spent this week wiping, re-installing and configuring the whole lot onto 4.5. A few test flights in and everything seems OK... I'll do a couple of full flights over the weekend and see which add-ons play nice with each other! Dave.
  10. Run the Aerosoft updater, select Configuration, enable Experimental updates. **Warning** Experimental builds may have issues.
  11. For anyone thinking about buying this product, the modelling really is second to none. You're really fortunate to have @Stefan Hoffmann working for you - he does an excellent job! That's all!
  12. A reinstall does fix it temporarily, but in my case the issue comes back after I use the updater.
  13. I never see the managed speed problem with a clean install from the Aerosoft store. I only see it after an update using the updater. A clean install fixes it again.
  14. This explains why I never see the 'nosedive' behaviour. I start the descent as soon as the checklist is complete (20NM before TOD?).
  15. Hi and thanks for releasing the new version! Is this the recommended clean install procedure? 1) remove the product using the Windows Software control panel (do not manually delete the program files) 2) do a disk check (right click on the drive, select properties, select tools, select check now) 3) reboot your computer 4) log in with administrative rights 5) disable the anti-virus software temporary 6) install the product 7) enable the anti-virus software 8. defragment your disk (NOT if you are using a SSD) I looked for a sticky about clean installs, but I couldn't find one. Many thanks, Dave.
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