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  1. For anyone thinking about buying this product, the modelling really is second to none. You're really fortunate to have @Stefan Hoffmann working for you - he does an excellent job! That's all!
  2. A reinstall does fix it temporarily, but in my case the issue comes back after I use the updater.
  3. I never see the managed speed problem with a clean install from the Aerosoft store. I only see it after an update using the updater. A clean install fixes it again.
  4. This explains why I never see the 'nosedive' behaviour. I start the descent as soon as the checklist is complete (20NM before TOD?).
  5. Hi and thanks for releasing the new version! Is this the recommended clean install procedure? 1) remove the product using the Windows Software control panel (do not manually delete the program files) 2) do a disk check (right click on the drive, select properties, select tools, select check now) 3) reboot your computer 4) log in with administrative rights 5) disable the anti-virus software temporary 6) install the product 7) enable the anti-virus software 8. defragment your disk (NOT if you are using a SSD) I looked for a sticky about clean installs, but I couldn't find one. Many thanks, Dave.
  6. This happned to me once, a few versions ago. I just put it down to a quirk and by the time I reached the runway, the elevators were working again. Haven't seen it since!
  7. Yeah, it's not easy! Looking at your video, I would try to be slower than 240kt at 7000, especially with a 34kt tailwind. How close were you to the approach phase / decel point? I try to be at 180-200 kt by then.
  8. Yes, I've noticed this. To avoid it, I initiate the descent well before TOD and use a combination of open descent and manged mode to stay on profile. Of course I somtimes need to chuck out the anchor (speedbrake) if I screw up šŸ™‚
  9. If Dave's excellent advice doesn't fix your problem, Lorby has developed a free flashlight: http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html At the bottom the page. You can use this to find the battery switches and turn on the cockpit lights. I haven't tried it yet but it looks good!
  10. Hi Hanse, As always, what you say makes perfect sense. Best regards, Dave.
  11. Hi and Happy New Year! On a similar theme to this thread: P3D 4.4 Latest experimental version. Check-lists=on. Copilot=on. Approach mode=active. I was too high on my approach and hadn't yet heard the landing check-list. Activated the go-around phase by pushing thrust into TOGA and I heard the captain announce "go-around" then the FO commanded "Flaps, gear up etc.". I never heard a go-around check-list - does one exist? ATC vectored me back round to the FAF but no more check-lists were triggered (Approach, Landing, After Landing, Parking etc.). I was able to activate approach mode again. It seems that check-lists are very fragile and break easily when something out of the ordinary happens. Is this expected behaviour? Many thanks, Dave.
  12. Just noticed that my rogue CRZ managed speed was the same as the Descent target speed: 206kt. Relevant?
  13. Hi All, The managed speed problem cleared after I reinstalled Windows, P3D and Airbus Pro, but i came back after I updated to version: using the Aerosoft updater. CRZ phase, managed speed in PFD dropped back to 206kt. Could it be related to a high tailwind factor? Had to go back to selected speed to avoid stall. Pushed speed knob to see what would happen and managed speed dropped back to 117kt. FMC perf page: AC status: PROG: PFD in selected speed: PFD in managed speed: DES: Seems like the updater is introducing this issue and a reinstall is needed to clear it. Thanks.
  14. A clean install of P3D 4.4 and Aerosoft Airbus Pro fixed this for me.
  15. Yep, followed the steps in my last post and the bus correctly stays in CRZ phase. I guess the real bus does this too. Thanks for your help and please close this topic.
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