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  1. Is there any working IBERIA livery out there for the A319 Professional ? The EC-KKS i found doesnt work. The simulator will crash even with a modified cfg (shorter text + shorter texture folder)
  2. Yes indeed, shader mods will change alot. But wisely used it can also increase the immersion alot in my opinion. And the additional reflections of tomatoshade on the aircrafts are just stunning. But only with a working profile for the specific plane. Without i cant recommend it. I found a profile for the new AE professional bus, for all those who are looking for it too. With that, the beautiful plane looks even better https://live-cockpits.weebly.com/reflection-profiles.html cheers, JP
  3. Hi there, iam wondering, if there is a profile out for the new 318/319 yet ? Couldnt find any so far... greetings, JP
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