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  1. I contacted Simware again and they just fixed the problem. V1.05 is now available for Simware users.
  2. There are my performances: V1.02 : 25FPS V1.02 + update 1.05 : 15FPS (with or without mipmap) I think there is a problem when updating V1.02 -> V1.05 A asked Simware for a "new" V1.05 installer and they told me that the last official version is the V1.02 It's true? The last installer available is the V1.02?
  3. Had the same problem. Contact Shaun at support@aerosoft.de and tell him your problem with your serial number and email adress, and he will fix it manually.
  4. I don't have the day/night problem, it's always 15-17 FPS. I use an i5, 4GO ram and HD5470 and last drivers, but I don't think there is a video card problem because my settings for AA and AF are good for every scenery, except Orly! If I need to disable Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering to fly... I'm converting textures, but I don't think that will help me to have 10 more FPS.
  5. Make a new install with 1.05 and mipmaps textures: I won 5 FPS The framerate is good during the approach, but I only have between 15 and 17 FPS on final, with "scenery" on medium and "LFPOTraffic" empty, day and night. And if I compare to Mega CDG... 15 to 17 FPS without trafic and clear weather... I can't expect to fly on IVAO. There is still something wrong.
  6. Just brought LFPO and tried to pushback on T28... the pushbak was on the centerline, not on taxiway W3... But pushback from T31 is good. I spend time to explain how pushback here, can you spend time to correct it? TY
  7. Simware just told me that they are addind the FS9 version of Mega Airport Orly.
  8. Be careful too: Mega Airport Paris Orly by Simware is ONLY for FSX. I think that I loose 20€.
  9. You programmed the STAR before the flight or it's possible to do it during the flight? If you have a VOR and a DME, you have a SID and a STAR. You can also program SID and STAR before departure when you know the winds.
  10. Hi, Some informations if you are working on Orly LFPO. If an aircraft is on T28, T29, T30 or T31, it will not pushback on the centerline (in blue here) but on taxiway W3 (in yellow).
  11. If I can help someone in the futur, I have the solution: Remove the key in the registry, it is a problem with the uninstall. Bye
  12. Hello, I'm a Vista SP1 user, and I have a problem with the AES installation. I've already use AES, and because of I removed FS9 I removed AES too. Now, i install FS9, and I can't install AES. I don't have the window with the name of files copying, the installer say just after my 'click' that AES base pack is now installed in my computer, but it's not installed. And to finish, the installer freeze. I've download again AES, and the problem is here too. I tryed to install with "XP SP2" with Vista options, but he doesn't work. Can you help me? I have 20 credits and i would like to use it! Thanks
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