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  1. I just want this one, as everyone else they have diferent choices but mine is this a simple one. AVIANCA, colombia http://www.airliners.net/photo/Avianca/Airbus-A320-214/1333525/L/&sid=e42225e1d2b7e973a5952d45610e4b71
  2. Dear friend, well I don't know if you have some time to work on this one, will love to have I will give you the links to the pictures, if possible let me know thank you again!

    twin otter fsx:http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6527291&nseq=7



  3. Sorry I forget one small detail.... I am tired of the government telling me how my entertainment needs to be, I WANT TO SEE THE AIRCRAFT EXPLODE, CRASH, AND GET DAMAGE..., REMENBER I SAID REAL..... THANK YOU AGAIN!
  4. Mathijs Kok. Dear friend... well I will keep as simple as I can, first of all there are two types of flight sim fanatics, hard core computer genius and real pilots....I will make my suggestion from the point of view of the second group (real pilot): 1. Real aircraft (systems, handling and so on) 2. Real landscape or terrain (want to fly in my days off over my house). 3. Real ATC (I know is difficult but maybe it can be done as module per region) 4. Weather, well here I just got one that bugs me, how the wind interact with the aircraft is not realistic at all either in X-plane or FSX. Th
  5. hello there...first of all happy holy days for everyone....well to the point.. I am commercial pilot, and aircraf mechanic...so my free time is no that much, in other words I can't dedicate time to repaint projects or similar...so knowing of people around the planet with such a wonderful skills doing magnificent repaints would like to ask for a small favor as santa gift...! the following repints of the twin otter (one is for politcal resons, the company was detroy by the goverment, the second one I flew on it). thanks... sincerely.... Oscar a real pilot a FS fanatic! 1: http://www.airliner
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