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  1. Thank's for your answer, even if it seems to be a bad new. Hope he change his plans. Regards. Luc
  2. Hello Mathijs, Could you give us some good news about a Hughes H1 for P3D V4 ? regards. Luc
  3. Hi, I enjoyed very much the Hughes H1 on FSX but since I let FSX for P3D V4 I can't fly anymore with this Wild Beauty. do you think we'll be able to get a 64Bits version of this awsome plane ? Regards, Luc
  4. Hi, you probably have resolved your problem since a while but if not, this could help you, just disable your firewall before starting to load this update and everything should be ok. I had the same trouble triyng to load another software and it had worked for me. Cheers Luc
  5. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to get ATC on Helgoland. It would be nice to be able to announce our arrival or departure on this airfield. Somebody had probably asket for this but I couldn't find the topic. regards
  6. Hi Shaun, I've found what's happened. I've change the video card in my computer. there were audio driver integrated witk the video pack drivers, strangely they became the default sound drivers for only some functions. I had just to select the creative driver as the default ones and all come back to normal. Regards
  7. Hi, I have a problem with the Wonderful Piper Cheyenne since a faw days. I can't ear anymore, any fonctionnal panel sound when I select a switch or when the alarm bouton flash. I'm only able to ear the engines once they are start. I tried to reinstal it several times and nothing change. It seems it doesn't load the files in the PnlSound anymore. What could I do to fix that. Hope you would be able to help me. Regards. Luc
  8. Bonjour, Depuis peu je n'ai plus aucun son dans le cockpit du Cheyenne de Digital Aviation. Quand je démarre les moteurs, je les entends tourner mais par contre, je n'entend plus les interrupteurs et les alarmes. J'ai essayé de le réinstaller plusieurs fois et rien ne change. Il semble que ce soit tous les sons se trouvant le le dossier PnlSound qui ne sont plus chargés. Que pourrais je faire pour réparer cela ? Merci de votre aide
  9. As you say "it doesn't blend with the scenery too well" But I agree with you, it's a nice scenery anyway
  10. Here they are http://www.zshare.net/image/58274562c378a804/# http://www.zshare.net/image/582745613553af07/ I flew from Munich to Austria and it's every cities or villages the same
  11. Hello Shaun, There is no possibility to run XP with DX10. Perhaps that's why I cant see the DX10 preview option I Have FSX Acceleration and I don't get any error message. Do you think uninstal and reinstal acceleration could resolve this ?
  12. Hi, How do you disabling DX10 Prewiew. I have the same ptoblem and I can't find this setting. However my OS is XP not Vista. Regards
  13. hello, I recently bought VFR Germany 3 and I get Black roofs on some houses while flying over villages. is that normal Regards
  14. yessss, I get 40 FPS now, much better. The problem realy came from FSX.cfg !!! But I don't know why. thank's for your help I gonna spent 5 weeks in Italy ans Sicily in april, to discover your beautiful country, Vigilius best regards Ciao buonasera
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