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  1. Please tell us first, which version you are using / talking about e.g. P3D v4.5 or P3D v5 as well as the update. Your installation should be on the actual experimental Airbus version. If you look into this section of the forum you will find a lot of threads dealing with the same subject and all could be solved. If you have GSX installed I allways sugest (after the Cockpit Preparation CL has been finished) just to use the GSX function "Prepare for Pushback". This function automatically removes the jetway, closes all doors etc. and automatically the "Before Start CL" should start......(running in parallel with the GSX pushback).

  2. Christian, what sim (FSX, P3D v4.5, P3D v5), model (A318, A319, A320; A321, A330) and version (using the updater) you are using? Because in the actual version of all models for P3D v4.5 and v5 those instruments are no longer synchronized and can be set individually!




  3. Hi Peter,


    aber wie kommt denn das? Liegt vielleicht an meinem Handling d.h. ich setze den Haken bei den Einträgen und drücke dann "Ignorieren". Das sollte doch reichen? Aberscheinbar muß ich außerdem noch den OK Knopf drücken, wie ich eben gerade einmal festgestellt habe. Aber nochmals eine Option zum Abschalten des Diff-Managers in den Settings wäre die beste Lösung - vor allem für User, die viel mit den Settings herumspielen...... Danke im Voraus.


    Liebe Grüße


  4. It seems that the root problem is the configuration of the addon-airport used e. g. there is a conflict between what you see in the sim and the AFCAD file used. Therefore the CL does not recognize the runway itself and when you left it. This is the reason why the AFTER LANDING CL does not start. So please check the addon-airport itself and that the AFCAD file is correct or maybe it is the sequence in the scenery.cfg used. I therefore close this issue.




  5. I think I now know what causes that behaviour. It is related to the ECAM RECALL check - the next one after the APU FIRE TEST. For this test it is necessary that the Displays-Selftest is finished (app. after 40 seconds) and the  standards are displayed. To me it seems that after the C&D aircraft state has been loaded you are immediately starting the Cockpit Preparation CL. Normally before starting the CL the EXT PWR is set to ON, then the 3 batteries are set off and the NAV & LOGO as well as the STROBE light are set to AUTO = 1. Make sure that the displays selftest has been finished and then start the CL. 


    I strongly advise to follow SOP and as well care for the CL - do not do something different when it is running - and maybe also use ViewFocus. Then you would have realized that when the ECAM lower screen is in selftest that the ECAM Recall check cannot be performed.   




  6. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen, denn mich "nervt" dieser ebenfalls total. Auch wenn ich die "Änderungen" mit "ignorieren / löschen" kennzeichne, kommen sie immer wieder d.h. z.B. wenn ich den SimStarter das nächste Mal starte.



  7. Dale,

    sorry but I cannot confirm / reproduce the issue - just landed in KBOS 33L without any issues e. g. the CL commenced until the Parking CL. To help you I need the exact information where the CL stopped e. g. which CL and exact at which item. The best would be if you could prepare a video starting at that moment when in the INFOBAR appears that the APPR CL is available...... Then I can have a look and see what maybe you are doing or what is going wrong. Thanks.  


    Kind regards,


  8. OK to confirm:

    • It happens in all small models after the Landing CL has been finished.
    • After initiating GA the CL stucks after "Gear Up" e. g. no flaps retraction etc.

    Two more questions because I want to reproduce the issue:

    • Are you using the Copilot to make the necessary settings?
    • What were your flaps setting when you initiated the GA? It should be set to FULL at that moment.

    If you are not able to record a video of that approach is it possible to give me at least some more details or at least a screenshot just after initiating the GA. My problem is that currently I am not able to reproduce the issue and there is also no one else currently having that problem.  

  9. Please tell us first the Airbus model you are using because the CL of the smaller models and the A330 are quite different. Also please update your Airbus to the latest experimental version. Second important thing: The Landing CL must have been completed (which normally happens around 1.000 feet RA) before initiating the GA. The best thing to check the issue you mentioned would be to record a video during this flight phase. Then we can really see what happens, what you are doing and what might be not working properly.  

  10. vor 8 Stunden , Hoffie3000 sagte:

    Especially when flying online with ATC on the ground the time delays are very annoying and cost unnecessary time and attention

    I just interpreted your a. m. statement. Maybe I am wrong. But the delays are necessary so that you also have time to look outside and "pilot" the plane when the CL is running. In the first VIEW FOCUS version I did not implement those breaks and users complained that they were not able to steer the plane when the  CL was running. Such delays are only implemented when the plane is moving and p. e. not available in the Cockpit Preparation or Parking CL. I am also always open for improvements if those are valuable and if those add a handling plus / more value for all users. But in your case e.g. your suggestion to "delete" the breaks in the CL would only annoy a lot of other users (see the a. m. argument) .......



  11. Wolfgang,

    I do not agree with you.

    1. People flying "online" is according to my knowledge not the majority of the A330 users.
    2. Our intention when we implemented the CL was to "guide" the user through the various procedures and not take away some work from him. In RL a "computer" is also not doing this but the checks / settings are made by the PF and PNF while flying.
    3. The VIEW FOCUS is just a help for those who really "care" for the CL and its items / settings.

    But if you do not care what is going on in RL, want to do in parallel other things while the CL is running and think that the CL is just an automated settings feature, then you are right. But this is not the idea when we implemented the new version of the CL into the A330.



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  12. Are you comparing the CL sequence with the one from the smaller models? In the A330 we implemented a new features VIEW FOCUS which automatically changes the view where the settings should be made. But when the plane is moving, we implemented brakes between the various CL items so that in between the pilot can look outside to see where is the plane is heading. This means there a longer brakes between some of thew CL items.

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  13. Sorry but that cabincrew message / sound is not "played" anymore in the A330 (the sound file is just "silenced")  because it means that the CC can just open the cockpit door by themselves and making the accouncement - which is according to the implemented safety features (door bell and opening only from inside the VC) not possible anymore. 

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