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  1. To all the Manhattan X developers - THANK YOU!!!! What an amazing job you guys did.. blown away... Even when my PC slows to a slideshow, its a slide show thats nice to look at... The update has increased my performance though... Yesterday, i was doing a flight with the Cooslsky MD80 as well as running Trackir, FDC Live Cockpit, and Vatsim... flying from KDCA to KLGA.. anyway, as i reached northern New Jersey and the Manhattan scenery started to kick in... BLAAAMMMM the computer completely folded... hahahaha I guess ill have to stick with default cessnas for this scenery for the time being..
  2. Hey Mathjis, I am a native New Yorker, raised in brooklyn, and currently living on Wall Street (My apartment building is in one of your screenshots : ) ) .... If I can lend a hand to your project..I'd be happy to help
  3. Mathjiskok - here is the plane you have been looking for for your next project... It has history and is a beautiful aircraft... The Lockheed Electra http://www.airliners.net/photo/American-Ai...ctra/1162992/M/
  4. The question still remains, WHAT IS FTX??
  5. When on final approach, i will be lined up almost perfectly with the runway at a +3 degree pitch, usually with a descent rate of about 500 to 700 ft/min... then when i cut the throttle as i cross the threshhold, the plane jumps from -500-700ft/min into a climb of about +500 ft/min which causes me to overshoot the runway... I know this is supposed to happen when adding flaps which increase the lift under the wing... but cutting the throttle??? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks
  6. Not sure how much you do military planes, but i would love a well done ME262. Its not too common and also not so esoteric that you would only sell 5 copies... Im sure you have to think about sales too....
  7. nice list of seaplane bases.. Thanks... Going to try that ski plane flight after work later... thanks for all the good suggestions.
  8. Of course, besides recommending Aerosoft scenery ( I have some).. what are your fav starting points for ski operation and water operation SKI: 1. xxx 2. xxx 3. xxx Water: etc etc etc.. Thanks.... I can never think of good places to check out and always stick with the same local airports near where i live..
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