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  1. I don't think that PC's time settings has anything to do with it. I have to login to navigraph every hour or so via a320 configurator otherwise my session kind of expires and I can't browse charts any more. That's so annoying especially in the middle of the flight... Please help :d
  2. Same problem here, on long hauls my session gets expired and I can't browse charts anymore, so frustrating, I can't reload a plane during flight I'm in VR inside the cockpit high above the clouds! c'mon folks.
  3. I'm facing the same issue. A320 is shaking on initial climb and on approaches. This is very annoying.
  4. I've got this error every time I restart p3d. Does it mean that I have to login to navigraph each time I start my FSIM?
  5. I'm sorry but where is that setting that you are referring to: "Automatically set time zone" slider ???
  6. Folks, any idea how to add liveries to new version of a320?! I need it baaadly.,
  7. [Package.3] Path=D:\FSim\P3D_Addons\0_Aircraft_Core\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Active=TRUE Required=FALSE
  8. In file as_a320_a321_prof.xml: BasePath="SimObjects\Airplanes"> What if my installation folder is: D:\FSim\P3D_Addons\0_Aircraft_Core\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional ? Now Application start after Mark's advice to place xml file in Products folder. However I can't see any of the Aerosofts provided paints...
    It is no longer compatible with a320 Pro. Liveries manager only hangs and eventually crashing.
  9. You can trigger that action regardless altitude ... and FA will bring the coffee... so what is that sound at 13000 feet?
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