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  1. just upgraded put in xp11 and the script that comes with is not letting lua start, disable and lua starts ok and this link u put up is dead , any fix for this problem?
  2. ok redownloaded, this time used the germany link , used the usa link first time, this download was v1.5 and started no problem so am ok now thanks for all who replyed, am so happy to have simstarter back hats off to you mr pero great software.
  3. this is what I downloaded from aerosoft and is discribed as version 1.5, and I have my serial key. I bought before v4 and was using with v3- v1401. do I need to rebuy it?
  4. attaching log SIMstarter NG.log
  5. did not work, please excuse my not knowing, but what and how do I send a debug pack
  6. just got the updated simstarter for p3dv4 try to start and gives this flag to chose sim but no choices, please help
  7. bought the AEROSOFT - DISCUS K GLIDER X FSX P3D at simmarket supposed to be for p3dv4, It loads and flys for a few minutes then locks up and crashes p3d, anyone else?
  8. at beginning of this fourm pinned topic says "SIMstarter NG - v1.4.7 out now!" why on my view orders /down load page offers " SIMstarter NG ( to download?? when I down load will I get ver or ver 1.4.7?? Also is there a SimStarter NG Setup app like is for SimStarter freeware?
  9. Maybe a ballpark guess when V2 will be released? Jeepers has been almost 5 years now on this topic.
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