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  1. Not quite. P3d v5 is ok. When I try to switch at the beginning to v4.5, it opens to settings. When I select OK, it says it can't find the simcfgBackup folder. It exists where it is supposed to be.
  2. That started it, thanks. Now to see if I can get my profiles back.
  3. Renamed data, same thing happened. Attached log file. SIMstarter NG.log
  4. When I open the app, I get the unhandled exception error. If I try to continue and try to create a support package, it just hangs.
  5. Where for I find Debug Pack?
  6. I started SimStarter NG P3d, which I have in both P3d v4.5 and v5. It called for an update, it ran and then reopened the app. At that point I got an unhandled exception. If I tried to continue, it opened to a basic splash screen with a button that said "Run Only," Pushing that button gave me an error saying it could not find the file "file2list." What is wrong? Do I have to uninstall and install the whole thing again? If I do that, saving the data file will restore my profiles, correct?
  7. How do I move, if I can, the P3d v4.5 scenery config sets from NG to NG P3d? Or do I have to start over?
  8. I have solved some problems. In the Starting Aircraft list I have restored the FsLab aircraft, however, all that shows is the generic livery, none of the others that are in the SimObjects folder. How do I find those? The same with the new PMDG 737 NGXu -- only house liveries.
  9. I re-installed and updated to newest version. One question I have is that on the extended settings page it lists various config sets. Should they be left at "previous flight" or changed to "...config set 1?" FsLabs aircraft are not showing and all aircraft with the exception of A2A and PMDG are doubled.
  10. If I have to reinstall, I wouldn't want to use the data folder that exists now, but is there a way I can save my scenery profiles?
  11. No joy. Only the generic liveries are on the list, none of the others that are in the ...Documents/P3d v4 add-ons/FsLabs/SimObjects/Airplanes folder. Also, now there are two of every aircraft in the starting aircraft list (Noah is not there.)
  12. After the Dec. 23 update for the FsLabs A320/319, SimStarter only shows the generic livery versions. None of the other liveries in the SimObjects folder appear in the Starting Aircraft list.
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