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  1. Anyone know how to port it over? I just tried to copy the files directly from FSX folders. It mainly works, but the flight computer does not work. Your help would be appreciated. Ben
  2. Please! Love your CumulusX! by the way. It's top notch! If you need testers you can count me in. I use it daily in FSX Thanks Ben
  3. Hey that's why it's called the "unmentionable update"
  4. Well I love tinkering and testing, so another "incomplete" update should keep me busy for a few days. Keeps the mind occupied! I say release it. Movement forward is always good. The only downside will be that you'll also keep the "grumblers" something to talk about. Cheers Ben
  5. Okay sure, it's just that on a few other add-ons I have you can't if the radio's are switched off. By the way say thanks to the team for a excellent add-on. I'm really enjoying the Twotter. 8) Ben
  6. Hey this is my first post. Sorry, but I haven't the energy to read though all 7 pages so if this one is already brought to your attention the just ignore. 1. You can talk to ATC with the radios off. Thanks Ben
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