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  1. Ok, I have changed the folder name, now ist works.... no more special characters used.....
  2. Hi Mathijs, I guess I don't really remember. Affected was this folder: "C:\Users\tstem\OneDrive\Persönlich\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330" (and I renamed the part "Persönlich"). My idea was to change this into a config-file in a333, using this folder-names. I tried that the files are not stored on OneDrive and therefore I first disconnected my default document folder from OneDrive. I had seen that in this constellation the word "Personal" as HTML was also stored in the file system (as it is displayed in the EFB), I had changed it to "Personal" without special characters (e.g.: %20 as space). When that did not function, I had again linked OneDrive with the document folder. After that "actions" I realized, that the EFB in the A3xx doesn't work correctly, I guess that depends a lot on my renaming ;-). Best Thomas
  3. Good day, I have a problem with the EFB on my A333. I have done a fully reinstall described in Since I have renamed some folders in win10, I get this error-message into the EFB: My Folder is "C:\Users\tstem\OneDrive\Persönlich\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330" and index.html is in this folder: If I open this index, I can see the correct EFB ... Where is the location of the config-file, to fix/correct this? Best regards Thomas
  4. Hm, wenn ihr die Lösung habt für die P3D Benutzer, bitte beschreibt sie hier, solange halte ich mich mal mit nem Kauf zurück...
  5. Good morning, same problem here... [29/12/2015 06:57:36:433]: Module version: . Date/time: N/A. [29/12/2015 06:57:36:433]: AirbusXConnectExtended.exe: BEGIN. [29/12/2015 06:57:36:433]: PIPE: Unable to open named pipe \\.\pipe\MCDU_Input w/err 0x00000005 [...] [29/12/2015 06:57:50:414]: Socket accepted: 0x310. [29/12/2015 06:57:50:414]: Starting the webserver (CurrentRequest) thread... [29/12/2015 06:57:50:414]: Webserver (CurrentRequest) thread started. [29/12/2015 06:57:50:415]: Failed to open image file: C:\Users\*****\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\MCDU_Dspl.png. [29/12/2015 06:57:50:415]: Webserver (CurrentRequest) thread finished. [...]
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