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  1. Not sure where my last post went so I put it on here please cam we slow the ground cars trucks down as don't seem to see them that fast also please can you explain the fix abit better on where to the folders as I don't seem to found them and last thing is where can I get the paint work for the trucks and stuff thanks Martin
  2. Hi any answers on mine at all and where can I found the paint for the trucks thanks martin
  3. I would like to say the best in aes so far great work with working doors and the improve coach and other gsv stuff but just one thing that I would like to point out is there ment to be people seen getting out of the the cars and vans I got the doors opening but noone gets out olso I work in a airport and I never seen the fuel truck on the that side on the plane must times it on the service side of the road apart from that great work aerosoft i
  4. i been on that site and go to the i can download the update but when i go to the second link the Installing procedure and fixed details link it closes my web browers
  5. hi i cant get NARITA INTL(RJAA) to work i brought the overland vol 3 and installed it and gone to fs9 and gone to the airport then closed the fs9 opened aes and try to add RJAA and in aes RJAA not found ive checked the fs9 libary and it in there bt its not called overland in the libary its called simmers sky any idea why this isnt working please thankyou regards martin
  6. thanks ill give that a try where can i found the afcad 3rd party would it be in a aerosoft folder or fs 9 main folder thanks martin
  7. hi just wondering if there a fix for when you land you taxi to gate and the path it take you is along the grass not the taxiway also i was wonderng if there a afcad for parking as i always park in remote stand thanks martin
  8. hi aerosoft team 1.i brought this from simmarket and am having trouble with parking the atc also seems to put me in a stand near the hanger and not at a airgate is there a software for the program to get me to park at the gate 2. is i was wondering if there is a active hanger to go in and if there is a feq to put in nav2 or nav1 many thanks martin
  9. hi i brought honolulu int and am using lvds767 and i park at the gate and when it told me to stop but i get the bck steps ok but and the cargo loaders i dont get the airgate to move i have reset and press to move aircraft but still get no get is there a fix for this
  10. also i look for the aerosoft shop to buy the product for aes and that is done by simwings am not sure where this leads as it the same product that i got now please reply back regards martin
  11. [hi thanks for that but it is a aerosoft product from france one not simwings i thought you would support all aerosoft games or is the prob that the product came out before aes please could you let me know thanks martin
  12. Hi just wondering I know nice airport for France 1 is not aes the one nice which is aes is a fsx version any chance of getting nice from the France 1 to be aes able please regards martin
  13. hi pmdg 600-700 hi i got one more thing am try to fly epwa to eggw warsaw to luton and i have set the fuel but when i fly the plane uses the centre fuel and i use all the the fuel and ive changed the crossfeed to make it long ways and it still feeds off the the centre cage and i run out of fuel is there a way to get it to take fuel off the wing tanks Thanks martin
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