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  1. The video is from a FSX flight. Aerosoft Bus Professional (64 bit, P3D V4) is only for P3D V4+ So I guess you read the wrong manual (Aerosoft A320/A321) You need the MCDU3 ( Key: Shift+4) Cheers Thomas
  2. Hello, Only for version at the moment best is to follow next procedure. Solution 1: Difference is big enough and the time for the "GSX fuel bus" to start fueling is sufficient 1) MCDU Loadsheet is done. a) Click "Load Fuel" Wait until "Act fuel" increases. b) Select "GSX refueling" Now you you have to wait for the fuel bus, while the Airbus Fuel increases. If the fuel bus is ready for refueling and the Act Fuel is below wanted Fuel it works The problem is at the moment you select "GSX refueling" the "Load Fuel" button is disabled. You can with the option "GSX reset position" reset GSX --- and immediately the MCDU "Load Fuel" button is working again ! Solution 2: The difference is to small ( Load fuel is ready before the GSX fuel bus is at the plane) 1) MCDU Load and fuel - Look at the "Act. Fuel" value - Look at the Fuel value e.g. Act Fuel = 4.5 and Fuel = 6.0 the difference is to small. - Set the MCDU Fuel to a value like 2.0 or 0.0 kg - Click "Load Fuel" or "Instant Fuel" Airbus Act. Fuel decreases - Set the MCDU Fuel back to the needed fuel. - Click "Load Fuel" again. Wait until "Act. Fuel" increases. - Select "GSX refueling" Hope it helps until the next version. Thomas
  3. Hello CDreier, Because of "....is that I had two user names, one of which was very old and did include an App Data entry for P3D. I deleted that folder and old user name...." Please read next ... Folder-in-windows-has-lost-all-permissions How-to-take-ownership-and-get-full-access-to-files-and-folders-in-windows-10 There are two types of permissions: explicit permissions and inherited permissions. Explicit permissions are those that are set by default on non-child objects when the object is created, or by user action on non-child, parent, or child objects. Inherited permissions are those that are propagated to an object from a parent object. Inherited permissions ease the task of managing permissions and ensure consistency of permissions among all objects within a given container. Inherited Deny permissions do not prevent access to an object if the object has an explicit Allow permission entry. Explicit permissions take precedence over inherited permissions, even inherited Deny permissions. By default, objects within a container inherit the permissions from that container when the objects are created. For example, when you create a folder called MyFolder, all subfolders and files created within MyFolder automatically inherit the permissions from that folder. Therefore, MyFolder has explicit permissions, while all subfolders and files within it have inherited permissions. More here : Enable-disable-inherited-permissions Example: however i thought of another idea. Since it keeps resetting it, you will just make a scheduled task to apply at startup that resets the permissions. Run cmd with admin rights. (set the correct folder in below example) Mine folder is - "C:\Users\drethox7\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX TerrOnND" icacls c:\users\public\desktop /grant Everyone:(CI)(F) /t /l /q Cheers Thomas
  4. Uops ??? I'm talking about the flight of user "Alexcoller" we are not talking about my "at that moment your hardware is not able to calculate the FBW" You did'nt even know my hardware !! ?????????????? Cheers Thomas
  5. Related to topic "Shaking Airbus" Gear down with ... Flaps 1+F manually reduce speed to 145 kt Flaps 1+F 4000 kg overweight Flaps 1+F enough to shake the Airbus :-)
  6. Hello, I wonder how long you will wait for a stall, If I read it right Groundweight 68200 kg the nose is trimmed up ? Now look at the specs. Empty Weight 37.230 kg 82.078 lbs max. Takeoff Weight 77.000 kg 169.756 lbs max. Landing Weight 64.500 kg 142.198 lbs video shows you are on flaps 1+F and slow down below 160 kt and with above max. Land. weight. A320 Landing Reference Speeds - Flaps Full WT Vref 170 147 168 146 166 145 164 144 162 144 160 143 158 142 156 141 Thomas D
  7. Hello Scott, I guess (because of the St. Elmo's Fire ) you have saved a flight situation in pause mode. And no sound "and there is no sound either" Press the key "p" to end the pause mode and look if it's better. Sorry and ignore this post if it was not the problem. Thomas D.
  8. Use PRO-ATC-X most of the sounds are from ProAtcX Thomas
  9. One word about that? Do you like to land without "green dot" Thomas
  10. Hello Miguel, can you show me ... - where you fill the Approach page? - where do you "A c t i v a t e APPR PHASE"? As far as I can see you are landing in descend mode !? Cheers Thomas
  11. Hello Mathijs, A warning is always a good thing. If one is informed of a possible loss, the small extra effort to secure and re-enter the liveries is a very small evil. Thanks a lot for this. Thomas
  12. Hello, after the update to .... [Installer] ProductCode=xxx ProductName=Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Version= ProductPage=http://www.aerosoft.com ManualName= ReadmeName=Readme.txt - I lost all my A3xx Liveries just installed last two days. - Now "A3xx Livery Manager" shows only the default entries. - aircraft.cfg lost all additional [FLTSIM.xx] entries. Experimental ...... Corrected thumbnails used in livery manager ..... Is it really professional without warning to reset all aircraft.cfg back to their original state. A warning "please backup the aircraft.cfg (s) [FLTSIM.xx] entries before the update" , would be appropriate here. Only, "Corrected thumbnails used in livery manager", to display the correct thumbnails should have no effect to the aircraft.cfg files. Of course one should not just overwrite the new aircraft.cfg file with the backup aircraft.cfg file. Important changed aircraft parameters could then be overwritten. But the "[FLTSIM.xx]" entries can simply be copied back to the right place without touching other data. Some of the entries of the "A3xx Livery Manager", created with "Add Livery ..." (the correct thumbnail is visible) does not mean that the new livery will be displayed in P3D (vehicles). A lot of manual work is needed to get some of these livieries up and running. The uglier it is when they are gone. Thanks Thomas Drexler, EDDN
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