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  1. I think Oliver is now in the rather enviable position amongst software developers where he doesn't ask you, you ask HIM.
  2. You mean Shez Ansari?? He did some Burbank scenery I have that makes it oh so much more pleasant to go in and out of that place. No AES, but you can't have everything.......^&#%^&@&!!
  3. Blueprint, if I remember correctly, has been examined and found (ahem) wanting by Oliver.
  4. See, I knew nothing of this. You larns sumpin new ever day, I guess. I never had the SimFlyers KATL, just PHX and LAS. I also never was able to correspond with anybody from SimFlyers other than a guy named Wolfgang who was somewhat less than helpful. I suppose I should have read the credits or guessed that people with that kind of talent and ability would not go quietly and would probably pop up some other place. Too bad Cal can't do anything about making PHX and LAS available for AES. Yeah, I know............I know.
  5. Poor SimFlyers. Those guys were artists. Their scenery is so pretty. I've seen some stuff in their sceneries I haven't seen in anyone else's. But the agony to that ecstacy is that it will never have AES (^*#^@%!) so that leaves Las Vegas and Phoenix sitting there like the proverbial bird in the gilded cage.
  6. Wow!! ImagineSim says they're going to release a scenery in May, 2008 and they actually do it. That's pretty impressive, I'd say.
  7. Bob: Drop me a PM. I may know the secret of the problem with your KSEA. I may not. Also, I will tell you in detail how to replay a flight. Mike
  8. I suppose I'm going to have to break down and get PDX too. I've got Seattle and San Francisco. There's a nice flight......in either direction, but landing in Seattle is really cool. Some of the best scenery I've seen. I did a replay once after a landing on 16C and docking with (yay!) AES just to see if i wasn't bringing my PSS 757 in with the nose too high (I wasn't) and spent most of the replay in chase mode. Wow. Boy, that scenery is just spectacular. And watching the whole AES thing unfold from beginning to end is just coolness at its coolest. Heh
  9. Oh, I'm way worser. I'm starting to not even want to go into an airport that doesn't have AES. That's why I keep whining about LAX getting it. I figure that as soon as they come out with KATL, I'll get that and then KJFK when those guys that are doing that one get it out in the frying pan. In the meantime, I'm probably going to add DEEEtroit and then maybe, Charlotte, Boston and Cin.................cinatti! That oughtta keep me outta the bars.........and out from behind them too.
  10. Yeah, I know they did......those dorks. Yes, I know that too. But I bought the CS 757 two years ago. It didn't have a 2D throttle panel then and it ain't got one now. I know a lot of folks fly with the 3D panel but I am in the out crowd there. So, I wait 2 years (that's T W O) and they come out with the Block F and want another 30 beans for it. Phooey. They can have all their buttons and whistles. The PSS is a ball for ME to fly and it works just fine for me too, thankyewverrahmuch. To ME<<<< CS is as much of a loss as AES is an absolute jewel. The above is the unsolicited opinion of Mike Phyrio and has nothing to do with any form of what is popularly known as reality.
  11. Good to see you back Oliver. Didja enjoy your all too short vacation??
  12. Aw gawd, Oliver!!! Don't say "maybe" over a thing like that!!! PLEASE!!! I gotta have SOME hope!!!
  13. Ummmmmmm......Is Oliver on a well deserved vacation? I haven't seen a post by him in awhile now. Usually he's everywhere at once. Okay. Oliver, when you get back, I'm here wheedling again. ImagineSim is just about to release their new scenery for Atlanta. Sometime in May, they say. I expect it will be on a par, if not superior, to their other products which have been delightful. So, of course, the question is: when will AES make it even better?? Is that planned....I didn't see anything in the update at the top there. Only took a week after FSDT popped KORD out the door.
  14. Ja. And when you do it, there's two things: You're sure it's right and you gotz nobody else to blame it on if it ain't. Actually, it is kind of a kick moving all those green widgets around. Hee hee
  15. HELP!!! I'm disappearing off the bottom of the page!!! Somebodeh help meh!!!! Help!! Glub glub..... Choke...... Wheeze.......
  16. I was under the impression that you made those yourself. I mean, I spent some time getting those gates just exactly where I wanted them when I first got the program. I was moving those little green things in and out, up and down and moving my view from place to place till they were spot on the dime. AES is just the best there is. Period.
  17. Hiya Oliver! Great stuff!!!! An AES forum all to itself!! I posted on the FSDT forum about AES for C9's LAX and got this from Virtuali: This is promising. Now, if somebody will give me Allesandro's address, I will bribe him with delicious cookies. Mike
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