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  1. Hello, Are the developers considering making their new maderia creation FS9 compatible ?? I would really REALLY love that. Thanks in advance, Mike Palkin.
  2. What is this system ? how is it implemented in the lisbon scenery and can soemone perhaps post a picture of it here pelase and thanks mike
  3. Whats th problem to post the content of the inteliscene.cfg file ? please do it
  4. When are you guys going to start building a high quality scenery for that area ? I think that that area is neglected
  5. Hi can someone please paste here the captain sim 757 config for aes please thanks you
  6. I'm lazy I was hoping someone would provide me with the config data
  7. Can someone help me with the config data for LH's MADDOG 2006 plane ? thanks
  8. When will cloud9's KLAX be added to AES ?
  9. if i have the following machine E6600 @ 3.16 MHZ 4 GIGS RAM 8800GT OC windows xp SP2 FS2004 NO AI traffic - I only fly the PMDG 747-400 so it's very important for me to know - Since i have the DELL 24" i set the resolution to 1920x1200 in FS2004 Thanks in advance, Mike.
  10. If i must not do it how can it be my choice ?? you're incoherent. should i have my airplane cold and dark at the start of the flight ? Because i can only set the pmdg plane as cold and dark aftrer i load it
  11. But he also said this : "when you activate them, but you must not activate all"
  12. Why can't i activate all the services (fueling , caterling) to work simultaneously ?? why do i have to summon them one by one ??
  13. Hello, Im using the AES 1.80 along with KBOS and i havent really nailed the procedures.. Can you tell me step by step what to do to make my pre-flight as realistic as possible ? the manual that came with the program wasnt all that detailed about how much time i have to wait between operation to operation ? -when i hit F5 (start bording now) how long i have to wait till the pax are all in the plane ? - What is the prepare airplane for departure ? when i hit F6 do i have to release the breaks ? Will the service trucks automatically disappear ??? Would appreciate your help,
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