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  1. I'm in the process of making a step-by-step guide on how to start this F-16 (although Diego's video is already quite complete) so you might want to wait for that. However your problem looks familiar. I too sometimes have no HUD and MFDs illuminated although I have done every step on start-up. What you might want to try is to give the Main Power switch an extra click (eventhough it's already in the on position). Give it a try and see if it works.
  2. James, that's just the "golden colored" canopy but looks darker on the picture. Hard to see the right color on crappy pics. BTW, Dag made a new green canopy texture that looks even better than number 3 does now
  3. Three ways to fly in formation. As James already points out flying online (Virtual Air Force or demo team), that AirTrafficFX program, or the freeware program FSrecorder ( I don't have AirTafficFX so I can't comment on that, FSrecorder is easy to use. But with that you will have to do all the flying yourself. First you record a flight you fly, then play that records as AI-traffic and you can fly along with that.
  4. That was one of the questions I had after hearing the official report yesterday. But that's what they're going investigate on now, though the further investigation can take up to a year.
  5. As fun it may be to get compliments, perhaps you could also invest some time to solve the problems some customers have with the mission package:
  6. There are other ways than gamespy to fly online with FSX, FSHost is one of them: I don't fly online that often, but the few times I've tried gamespy I didn't really have any problems. But I understand quite a lot of people have.
  7. The HUD and MFDs need to be turned on with the Avionic power and HUD switches on the right console (see page 31 and onwards of the manual). Also you can turn everything on instantly by pressing Shift+2 and chose the right picture (left picture of for dark and cold situation, see page 40 of manual). Update 1.20 isn't a installer, just a zip-file that you need to unzip into your main FSX directory and let the files overwrite the old ones.
  8. This mission pack doesn't add anything to the F-16, it's just new missions. So no Aerosoft Sound System, new paints or new features on the F-16. That will come with the next update(s). These missions where created by
  9. I just read this on, haven't seen an announcement yet anywhere here. But a new package with missions for the F-16 has been released. Have a look here
  10. That's exactly it. I didn't have any major issues with it. The only thing on my system is that the original HUD runs a bit smoother than the one with your adjustments. For the rest no issues but also no increase of decrease of FPS.
  11. You're right Finn, this new HUD didn't work for me. I didn't notice any change in FPS, but the HUD update rate was worse than the original one. So back to that one for me. However people with (s)lower computer systems may benefit from this one.
  12. I wanted to put this message in the review forum but it appears I can't post it there (Mathijs/Shaun, can you move this topic there?) Anyways, Computer Pilot did a review on the F-16 in their February issue. In short the reviewer liked the looks of the plane (modeling and texturing) but was rather disappointed that there was no possibility to shoot down planes and drop bombs... He was expecting something to follow up the Falcon 4 simulation. Now I don't have anything against criticism, but the points on which he turns down the F-16 are in my view a bit ridicules. Does he know what kind of simulation FSX is? That it isn't a combat simulation? That the F-16 never was intended to follow up a whole completely other kind of simulation like Falcon4? Aside from these points the review was not that bad, and it comes with quite some pictures.
  13. The paintkit is in a zip-file so first unzip it to a location on your pc, next you need a program like Photoshop or PaintShop to open it (at least a program that can open psd-files). Installing update 1.20 isn't that hard (first you have to install update 1.10). Then unzip the 1.20 update to your main FSX directory and let winzip overwrite the older files. I hope you can get it to work.
  14. Also, have you checked the option "show all aircraft variants" in the aircraft select menu? If that option is off, it will only show those three F-16 variants.
  15. Did you shut off the engine and all when you first loaded FS with the C172? If you do that, or with any other plane for that matter, and then change to the F-16 it won't be possible to do a working start-up. Try using the F-16 right from the start, use SHIFT+2 to select the cold-and-dark situation and it should work.
  16. That sounds asstonishing (sorry...) So with that update for the F-16 it will also be possible to get the Bitching Betty in and sounds of the switches (among other sounds)?
  17. Very nice. Damn, your system runs smooth, may I ask what config you've got? And those sounds did you add those in later? Or are you using a different sound pack?
  18. Didn't they already had a review in november?
  19. I pointed out this pirate to Mathijs some months ago, few weeks after the release of the F-16 so he knows. I don't think it was a high priority as I believe it's Aerosoft's policy to invest the time in customers and products rather than trying to catch all those pirate bastards. But it's sad to see that the products you've been working on are for grab for 'free' within a matter of days, sometimes even hours
  20. A blur effect would be nice, but so far I haven't seen one done (good) for flightsim up until now. I don't think you will be able to make it with the current effect files that are available to the developers.
  21. VinFlyer

    Engine smoke

    Wow Dag, looks like you have been filling up the plane with dirty fuel But seriously, you're running DX10 right? Could be it, I know I had problems like this when running in DX10.
  22. No you can't. The F-16 doesn't has an autopilot system like airliners or even GA planes have. The autopilot is pretty basic: altitude and direction. However, when you have made a flight plan in FSX, the route is displayed in the right MFD so you can fly our route with that.
  23. Please read the manual, or read this forum. The answers are there...
  24. Is 2009 64bit also available? I heard bad things about 2009, I think I'll skip it and install 2010 beta 1 right away. Looks much like 2009 but runs much better, even though it's still in beta
  25. QUOTE (Peter B @ Jan 5 2009, 01:01 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all Due to bad graphics problems after I install FSX SP2 that I cannot solve yet, I'm having to run the F16 on FSX SP1. I assume there are limitations but the only one I've found so far is no MFDs. Also, although all the F16 variation aircraft have been installed in the 'Sim Objects / Aircraft folder, there are only 3 variations that appear in the FSX Aircraft selection when creating a flight. I assume I will have to do without the MFDs but would like to have all the Aircraft variations available. Any suggestions please ? Thanks Peter Too bad you can't run SP2, the MFDs are really a nice feature of this product. But it's flyable even without them. All variations should be available even with SP1, afaik. Have you checked the option "show all variations" in the select aircraft menu? When that's off you will only see 3 variation of the F-16.
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