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  1. Alright, sim is working again. In order to install Office I had to uninstall MS Access Database Engine. I reinstalled a new version of it now and everything works again.
  2. I start P3d as administrator, then it starts loading and when completed it crashes, but is still present in the taskmanager. Maybe I try some things again tomorrow. Thank you for your help so far!
  3. Is there a way to find out which Visual C++ runtimes may have been changed?
  4. Yes I deinstalled Office before performing all the other things to solve the issue.
  5. It is set to false. Unfortunately it didn´t solve it.
  6. Correct. I can´t even start P3D. There is nothing in the EventViewer and the message appeared only once after I reinstalled the addon.
  7. Yesterday I installed MS Office (2019 Pro Plus 32bit) to my PC. After this I wanted to start P3D and recieved the following message: Since then my P3D crashes whenever I want to start it. I tried many things to solve the issue i.e. delete P3D.cfg + Shaders, disable my Addons, reinstalled the P3D client, uninstalled Geneva Professional (V1.0.0.0) and installed the latest version. In the LSGGConfig I also tried do disable DDE which didn´t solve the issue. I currently operate P3D V4.5.13.32097 (4.5 HF2) on Windows 10 Pro (fully updated) and had no issues until I installed Office.
  8. I have similar experiences. I´m using the latest version ( and when using the HDG in the FCU the bank is limited to 25° instead of 30°. Same applies when the AP captures the LOC. I think in earlier version the bank limit was 30°. I also have the feeling that the real A/C (A320 Familiy) takes sharper turns when capturing the LOC.
  9. Just completed a test flight. So far everything works perfectly. The only problem is that the installation removed the old fuelplanner which I need for the A330 since with the current one I can only select the A318/A319. Is there any chance to get the old fuelplanner back until the next updates are published?
  10. I just wanted to ask if the latest version of the Airbus A318-A319 ( is compatible with P3d V4.5 Hotfix 2 or if Hotfix 3 is mandatory before I start updating.
  11. I expierenced the same. In my case it is caused by an incorrect CG.
  12. I´d like to add that by now during take-off the engine page doesn´t show up on the lower ecam like on the A320 series when the thrustlevers are set to FLX or TOGA, instead the wheels page remains on the lower ecam or the FCTL page if you pitch down for take-off
  13. Now working again. Thank you guys!
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