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  1. Thanks Holgi, With all the superb Jetliner adds on out there I have hardly flown my virtual De Havilland Tigermoth, it's been stored in my virtual hangar for far to long. So I have set myself the challenge of flying to Old Warden Aerodrome in the U.K. from Australia, but by only flying in a Westerly direction, no back tracking in an Easterly direction allowed, using only real world air routes and scheduals that don't conflict timing wise and that correspond to my virtual airline aircraft and liveries I have bought. I will set off from Townsville flying real world route on the Dash 8 Q400 Qantas Link, flight QLK 2306 North Westerly to Cairns. Then depart on Aerosofts A320, Jetstar JST920, livery supplied by you, from Cairns to Darwin, then Darwin, Singapore and so on, until I reach my destination to fly the Tiger. Then I will continue flying Westerly on various aircraft and airlines, via the United States, visiting new airports along the way. I found I could fly the entire journey in FSX, except for Maui to Honolulu, which required me to transfer over to MSFS 2004 to continue part of the journey on a Hawaiian Airlines, B763 to Honolulu. Then it's back over to FSX for my final part of the journey back to YBTL. One thing I learned from the experience is that I never want to work in airline reservations office, having to book such a journey.
  2. Thanks Holgi, you are very busy in the virtual paint hanger. If you are interested there" is a youtube clip of 2 minutes duration showing a timelapse of a B738 being stripped and being repainted in Virgin Austarlia's new livery in the paint hangar at my home airport YBTL under - "Repainting our B737", enjoy.
  3. Thanks jaydor for your efforts in the livery department. I can now fly in and out of Spain in a A319 with your great livery. I will track down my photo of an A321 in new Iberia landing 027L at LHR when I get a chance and send it via the Aerosoft Forum. Thanks again.
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