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  1. On 6.5.2020 at 22:23, dresoccer4 sagte:

    I tried to fly a route between FSSB and FSSD via the garmin 430 [...] however it does not have those airports


    Finally, with XP 11.51r1 and the latest Scenery Gateway update, the missing airports are now available in the GPS ūüôā

  2. On 24.11.2020 at 00:46, dresoccer4 sagte:

    So it looks like the smaller fields still aren't able to load in the G1000. Maybe because it's using an old airac cycle?


    Ben Supnik writes in the latest posting in the development blog: "[...] We are still fixing bugs in the Gateway airports export; it’s not ready for beta 2, but it should be in the next beta after this one [...].


    So there is still hope. If the airports do not appear in the GPS after the airports are updated from the scenery gateway, I will ask LR whether what Jennifer said (see quote earlier in this thread) is still valid.

    On 24.11.2020 at 00:46, dresoccer4 sagte:

    but when attempting to fly from FSPP to FSSF it crashed xplane


    Is that crash reproducible, if yes, how?

  3. vor 7 Stunden , dresoccer4 sagte:

    Just wanted to report that I DO have access to the Seychelles airports now through the G1000! It's been a long wait but happy it's working now 


    Great news, thanks for the report. Question: Did that change with the newest XP beta?

  4. It looks like that the issue (= X-Plane backward-support of OpenGL under macOS) is a general one, and not limited to Seychelles4XPlane (or any other of our add-ons for X-Plane). At the moment I can only recommend using Metal (running great with our add-ons, no issues were reported so far with Metal).


    If you cannot switch from OpenGL to Metal due to other add-ons you've installed, I suggest to file a bug report directly to Laminar Research. The more reports from different systems and situations, and the more detailed the reports are, the better: http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html

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  5. vor 1 hour , Giovanni Speed Bird sagte:

    I am looking into procedure to edit small specific areas of LFPG to allow moving traffic underneath taxiways.


    This is one of the possible solutions, lately implemented for ShortFinal Design a.k.a. MisterX:




    vor 1 hour , Giovanni Speed Bird sagte:

    I am working on this airport and do not wish to take short cuts with taxiways bridges


    Drop me a personal message here in the forum, if you're interested in a custom solution.


    Greets, Matthias

  6. vor 3 Stunden , Giovanni Speed Bird sagte:

    I would like to know what necessary tools are required to edit mesh to create taxiway overpasses with roads underneath the taxiway. Many airports have this


    Due you post in the Maps2XPlane sub-forum, I assume you ask about the procedure that I use for my own products and business customers: I've developed my own toolset for creating and editing X-Plane Meshes. More info about my tool to edit existing X-Plane meshes are available in the development blog on my website. In short: The tool isn't publicly available until now, I'm still improving it in partnership with renowned scenery developers. Who's running a development studio and interested in a cooperation, can read here more about my mesh development- and mesh editing-services.

  7. vor 3 Stunden , Heinz Flichtbeil sagte:

    mathias (Maps2X-Plane)


    "Matthias (Maps2XPlane)" ūüėČ


    vor 7 Stunden , bburkley sagte:

    The scenery remains unusable in OpenGL mode for me at the moment. Have you tried restarting X-Plane without Metal enabled? I'm curious if you would get similar poor FPS results that I was experiencing. Thanks for the help.


    Just tried with the same configuration and settings than last night, but "Use Metal driver for faster rendering" disabled, and I'm now able to reproduce your issue: a drop to ~2-3fps when I move the camera to certain angles (independent of different graphic settings). Now the strange thing: That happens only with 11.50r3 (metal disabled) and not with 11.41r1. Did Laminar Research broke something with the continuation of OpenGL support in 11.50r3, I don't know, but we'll try to clarify that?!


    @Heinz Flichtbeil and @grrr05: Can you reproduce that behavior under MS Windows, when disabling Vulkan and switching to OpenGL in 11.50r3?

  8. vor 2 Stunden , bburkley sagte:

    It seems I've narrowed this down to be an autogen issue, which seems to be terribly unoptimized with this scenery. Take a look at the attached screenshots from Bird Island, the first is with "Number of World Objects" turned off (the "Minimal" setting) and the second is with autogen turned to the "Low" setting [...] Have your developers actually tested this scenery on MacOS? I'm wondering if it's a Mac specific issue, as it seems that people with much less capable systems on Windows are getting way better results.


    Hello Brandon,


    First of all, thanks for purchasing Seychelles4XPlane and your detailed feedback.


    Yes, we test on macOS ‚Äď actually our development team develops¬†and tests on various OS. And also our publisher Aerosoft tested the scenery package intensively before the release. The issue you mention is really strange, and the first performance issue report that we receive since the launch of Seychelles4XPlane.


    I for example run a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019), 3,7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5, 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB. So a far weaker system than yours, and I usually get constant ~30 fps for Seychelles4XPlane. I just started a new flight at the location shown on your screenshots:


    That's the result:



    And the X-Plane settings I've used:


    X-Plane 11.50r3 and macOS 10.15.7. I don't have any plugins installed, except SAM.


    I'm sorry, but at the moment I don't have any idea what's going on your system, maybe I've (or you've) overlooked something!? Please disable all your scenery packages except Seychelles4XPlane (can be done by replacing SCENERY_PACK with SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED in your scenery_packs.ini), and then move _all_ your plugins in a temporary folder outside the X-Plane installation. Then choose settings similar than shown above, restart X-Plane and start a new flight at Bird Island. Your powerful iMac Pro should show much better fps than my weaker standard iMac.


    Greets, Matthias

  9. On 16.5.2020 at 18:22, maps2xplane sagte:

    This shot was taken this morning when I was testing #Seychelles4XPlane in combination with X-Plane 11.50b9

    D'Arros Island has never looked so good (click for 4K) ūüôā


    ...even also with X-Plane¬†11.50b16. We're ready for the rc1 ūüėČ




    Flyover the neighboring islands of D'Arros (click for 4K).

  10. vor 3 Stunden , USAFRAF sagte:

    I am still kinda confused on how to download the file.


    No magic, just hit the Download-Buttons shared in the first posting in this thread. When the downloads are finished, extract the ZIP files.


    vor 3 Stunden , USAFRAF sagte:

    Can you give me a video or anything else so it can be easier for me? 


    In the extracted folders you'll find a README.txt with installation instructions ‚Äď quite simple, as usual: just drop the scenery into your "Custom Scenery" folder.


    All available add-ons (airfields, research stations, base camps) are listed on this sub-site of my website. Enjoy #Antarctica4XPlane!

  11. vor 21 Stunden , dresoccer4 sagte:

    g'day. just checking in to see if a solution was ever found for this...how to add the airports to the GPS?


    According to Jennifer from Laminar Research on Apr 6, 2017: "[...] the GPS and FMS only display airport information that is from the Gateway and included in the default data. If we allowed for all custom sceneries to add or overwrite information for the GPS, chaos and insanity would ensue. For changes to be applied to the data, submit revised scenery to the Gateway [...]"


    I just saw, that all missing Seychelles airports were recently submitted to the Scenery Gateway. Therewith I'd expect, that the GPS will recognize the questionable airports with one of the next X-Plane updates. We'll see...


  12. vor 2 Minuten, pedrovl sagte:

    That would be Ile Poivre airstrip. Still under development, for real, and scarce (or no) data available so far.


    I can confirm that, it's the Poivre Atoll with a prepared landing site on the island Poivre Nord. However, I don't know, if it's an airstrip in development, or an old runway, which isn't in use anymore. Maybe someone know more?


    I'm only aware of one other additional airstrip, which was recently in development, and inaugurated earlier this year: That one is located on Providence Island. However, that runway is (yet) not included in #Seychelles4XPlane, due to missing reference photos.

  13. vor 3 Stunden , maps2xplane sagte:

    Great snapshot! Indeed, Desroches is one of the most stunning places on earth ‚Äď and the villas look very inviting:


    However @dresoccer4 I wonder where are the villas on your screen!? There's obviously something wrong with your installation: You show the #Seychelles4XPlane terrain mesh, but definitively not the overlays and the airfield that are shipped with our scenery package! That may also explain the issues you have reported in the other forum threads. Here's another snapshot that shows the real beauty of Desroches' airfield:




    Have a look into the manual and check your installation. Ensure that Seychelles4XPlane is on top of your scenery_packs.ini.

    If you need help, send me a PM, and please attach your Log.txt!

  14. vor 8 Minuten, Martin Buchheim sagte:

    I love that approach, it is a very nice middle ground between Orthos (which take a lot of space and can look bad if the source images are of inconsistent quality) and the ugly default X-Plane textures. Please keep using it.



    Thank you very much for your feedback. Really appreciate¬†that you can confirm, that this approach of building custom terrain meshes¬†is a very good alternative between default textures and native photo-meshes. Both have their pros and cons, and one could sum up that we try to bring the pros from both worlds together, and it seems to work quite well ūüôā

  15. vor 1 hour , dresoccer4 sagte:

    thanks for your reply and going to the same location I was at. I'll mess with my settings some more and remove plugins, etc to see if I can fix it. Only difference is i have reflections turned off and visual effects set to the highest. 


    You're welcome! Mind, that I also pulled the visibility in the weather settings to max, to have a good view on the islands. Maybe the dust in the atmosphere "conflicts" in your case somehow with the terrain. Idk, quite difficult to see on your screen.

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