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  1. hkhoanguyen

    acontain.dll & ASCRJ.dll CTD's

    Just my own experience, for me there might be something wrong with SPAI AI traffic in p3D v4, when I installed it, my p3D crashes without any trace in Event Viewer (or sometimes with aiplayer.dll), my flight normally just can last 4 5 mins after taking off and switch between p3D and browser or other app (Tested with Carenado default aircraft), I reinstalled p3D without any AI, now it is running fine.
  2. hkhoanguyen

    PFPX Profiles By FlyPrecisely

    Hi, I would like to ask you that, is your 737 Profile is now up to date with PMDG 737-800WL ? in term of Fuel Capacity / Max Zero Fuel / Max Take off Weight .... Thanks
  3. hkhoanguyen

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Any template for FSLabs A320 ? : ) Thanks
  4. I have just reinstalled PFPX 1.28, however, this time the OFP display differently, and when I choose Take Off from TOPCAT to export take off calculations, there are just DEP, RWY, Flaps config and Flex temp, without VSpeeds. There is also 2 parts ATIS DEP and Clearance which contains no info. I have added Aircraft database, also TOPCAT profile. I have attached the screenshoot, could you please have a look and do you have any idea to set back the "normal" OFP ? As i'm new to PFPX hope to receive your reply soon. Thanks,