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  1. I spent the whole morning trying to install the CRJ - until I read Ron's topic. Putting the computer in safe mode worked for me as well. I wasn't able to copy and paste the registration number, so a word of warning, print it out first then go into safe mode and enter the rego manually. Bruce R
  2. I was flying in New Zealand, NZAA - NZDN. The crash was just at TOC, after about 20 mins or so flying time. At that point of the flight I would have been approx 10 miles off the west coast of NZ’s North Island heading south. The only scenery nearby is ORBX NZNI. That’s scenery of the whole North Island. I think I’ll stick with Wolfgang’s theory. I’ll certainly let you know if it persists when using default scenery. Cheers, Bruce R
  3. Yes, you could be right. I’m using the beta version for ActiveSky in P3D v 4.5. I hope that is the cause because I enjoy the CRJ. I’ll do a few flights without ActiveSky and see how I get on. Cheers Bruce R
  4. This is just for your information. I'm on W10, 2004 update. P3D v4.5 HF3. I installed your CRJ Pro v2200 this morning. First flight was fine, and was using ActiveSky at the time. After re-booting the computer and loading up another flight with the CRJ, I had just reached FL34 and the computer crashed with no warning. I was using ActiveSky again. Event Viewer shows the following; Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5e94b5c2 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.19041.207, time stamp: 0xcad89ab4 Exception code: 0xc00
  5. Hello Greg. Would you let us know what FS2Crew said so we can check our aircraft.cfg files - thanks. Bruce R
  6. With the original version of the CRJ it's important to load a default aircraft first, and once that's all loaded at your airport/gate, change to the CRJ. I used to have the same problem as you're having, and I'm sure I read somewhere in the manual to load a default aircraft first. It certainly fixed it for me. Bruce R
  7. Try loading a default aircraft first with engines running. Once loaded at your airport switch to the CRJ. You can then change the panel state of the CRJ through Dave. I have a feeling this may be mentioned in the manuals. Bruce R
  8. Are you loading a default aircraft first? I had a similar problem. Nothing happened after I pressed a start button. After reading the manuals again I saw you had to load a default aircraft at your airport, then load the CRJ. I haven't had the same problem since. Bruce R
  9. I also had this frustration - until I re-read the manual. It says somewhere to load a default aircraft first with engines running, then load the CRJ. At that point you can set your aircraft state via Dave. I haven't had a problem since. Hoffie, I see you're a glider pilot. It's a great sport. That was something I did in my previous life. I flew for the Otago Gliding Club here in New Zealand for quite a few years. I was the CFI for a while until I moved location because of my job. Have got a 1000 hours in my log book. Unfortunately the club folded up back in the mid 80's an
  10. It's very good. Much appreciated. Thank you. Bruce R
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