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  1. Thank you John. Thank you Mathijs. We say this all the time, but your hard work and consistent customer engagement has been greatly appreciated. It is a benchmark for others to follow. Right On Time, Baby!! -SHADO
  2. Thanks. Here's to hoping I can swing the nose around after that HFCDAW SHB 4-wire.
  3. I know it's way too late, but has anyone asked or addressed the NWS turn radius? I get about 30° of deflection. 1) Is that about right? 2) If this has already been asked & answered can someone kindly point me to the correct forum post?
  4. Very Niiice!!!! (LSO) I can't wait. It probably goes without saying that this is probably how the 70's and 80's Tomcat Community felt about the B-model and how the 90's guys felt about the D-model. So, the anxiety I feel about getting to employ this legend of Naval Aviation to its fullest capability should reflect how we still feel about your original model - otherwise, we wouldn't be here. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and commitment - past and present. -Shado
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