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  1. Dave, thanks! I use FSX-SE, it looks perfect to me.
  2. Thanks, it looks great already, looking forward to the release.
  3. Nice repaint - where can I find it ? I searched for it here in the downloads and on Groomlake Simulations but it is not there...
  4. The black stripes you are seeing are on a different texture sheet: lit_fuse_f_T.dds. Hint: There is a brilliant freeware tool you can use to explore the mapping of the texture sheets: ModelConverterX (made by Arno Gerretsen, available on fsdeveloper.com). - Install the latest development version - Open the exterior MDL file - Hit the "Material Editor" button - Check the "Highlight Selected" tick box - Scroll through the materials list to find LIT_FUSE_F_T - the model area you are looking for will be highlighted in red.
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