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  1. If you've ever flown on a plane before, you know that when you touchdown you can feel the shocks compressing and settling under you. You don't just smash into the ground. Obviously you won't feel anything in the sim, but in the cockpit when you touchdown you would be able to see the aircraft fall onto the shocks. Almost every aircraft made for FSX (especially the A320) feel like bricks hitting the ground. They all feel like there aren't any shocks. Even when going to the outside view to watch a landing the shocks only compress the tiniest little bit (if at all). It's not the biggest deal in the world if we don't get this, but it would be really nice to be able to have working shocks that actually absorb impact like the real world.
  2. Now I'm really wondering, is the shock compression on the landing gear going to be realistic? Like when you touchdown and the shocks compress a good amount then spring back up then settle. No aircraft in the FSX/P3D world seem to have accurate shock compression, if any. Most of them just feel like a brick hitting the ground. For example, in the video that I linked at the bottom, (I know it's an A320 and not an A330. This would be nice on both) you can see that about a second after touching down, the plane drops onto the shocks. It would be so amazing if this was represented accurately in this beautiful aircraft. Anyways on another note, she looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait! https://youtu.be/tNhRtkgNV8E?t=20s Max
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