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  1. Hello everyone, as promised, here's some info about a test flight where I experienced this too. Yesterday I flew from SKBQ to SKCL using the A318. DEP RWY: 05 SID: BAQ1F LDG RWY: 02 STAR: ESAR1A ROUTE: CTG UG438 ULQ I flew on FL350 and initiated the descent profile down to FL50 at the TOD point. And the result was quiet the same as on basically any other flight I did so far. Up until the point where I reached about FL80 he aircraft descended with a rate of about -4500 to -6000 fpm, even with the help of the speedbrakes. For this test scenario I did NOT use Active Sky, only the "Fair weather" preset. FPS where steady and the lowest value I've seen was 43 fps. If you need more Info, just let me know. BR
  2. Can confirm this issue to with basically every STAR I've flown so far. Decend rates of -4000 to -5000 fpm are happening constantly. When decending into EPWA I once even had a -10500 fpm rate for a few seconds. Can't remember the exact STAR but I'll gladly look it up today evening if the information is needed. I'm experiencing great performace throughout the flights without any FPS drops. And im constantly monitoring it so that really cannot be the culprit here. Because of this, I really only fly manual decends with the bus atm. BR, Jan "Invictus"
  3. They stated a few times that they won't, since their reference aircraft is an up to date one. Also, between the old and new versions are far more differences than just the shape of the displays.
  4. Now, a question that for me personally is getting more and more important. Will it have SODE jetways?
  5. This is your fligh attendant trying to offer you a coffe haha. Have a look at her by opening the camera on your lower ecam (use the switch on the lower left pedestal). If you like what you see, let her give you the coffee by unlocking the door.
  6. I too experienced a couple of weird decents. At one example (Approach into Warsaw Chopin) the descent rate from the autopilot exceed 10'000 feet per minute! This only happened once however. Thought apart from that I had at least three other examples where the autopilot created a decent rate of about 5'000 - 6'000 fpm. I might be mistaken, but for me it too seems that the calculated TOD is a bit too close to the destination airport, thus causing such excessive descents. If you need the actual STAR that I've been using for recreation purposes just let me know. Regards, Jan
  7. One livery I couldn't finde here nor over at the avsim lib is a Bulgarian Eagle. They are a subsidiary of Germania and operate currently two A319, LZ-AOA and LZ-AOC. I really like the look of their repaint so for me this one would be a great addition to the fleet. Planespotters picture BR, Jan
  8. I for one enjoy the preview policy Aerosoft uses. If you're not willing to wait for something to be released just don't check the forums. But others like me love to stay informed about projects they're interested in, this includes everything from good to bad news. And if I learned something about software development, then that sometimes there simply isn't anything to share. I can understand your point of view, but in my opinion it's a bit silly to demand on information for something you haven't paid for yet. Even if you're owner of other products.
  9. I'd also love to have this implemented.
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