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  1. No, Never implemented and now not likely to be implemented as Aerosoft have abandoned P3D
  2. Also make sure that the heading button is pushed, IE; three dashes and a dot. If there are any numbers in the heading that will take priority over the localiser.
  3. Got this strange anomaly. During the descent prep the time text on the 3rd MCDU is different from the time text on the green bar text at the top of the screen. This is the A320 CFM on P3d V5.1 HF2, not checked the other buses as I don't use them that often. Just to point out, this is not a bug affecting the flight in anyway and I have got used to it, but I just wanted to point out so you can fix at the next update (if there is one) It was not introduced during the last update, but the one before V1.4.2.1 and I think it is due to the increased pause time during the automatic checklist. Thanks Brian
  4. Hi, Is there any chance of an update for the weight adjustment for the small busses. The A330 was updated about a week or so ago, and I was informed that the small busses would be updated shortly thereafter. I posted this issue a couple of weeks ago and still waiting for the update for that, as well as the checklist freezing under certain conditions, both of which was acknowledged by Rolf as a bug. Thanks Brian
  5. If you look on the EFB there is a full list for the pilot and copilot.
  6. Hi, I noticed today that the A330 got an update to correct among other things the weight issue I reported originally, but the A318 - A321 for p3d V5 has not been updated. Is the small buses going to get the weight correction? Thanks Brian
  7. did you read the original post? It was about the loadsheet not importing correct figures, (look at the screenshots) which Rolf has already said is being looked at. Did you import the loadsheet from your top fuelplanner? What happens when you manually input the figures directly into the MCDU3? I see what you are saying with the fuel planner, however if you go back and look at past threads 'DaveCT203' said not to use the advanced figures portion. He also wrote a 'howto' for using the fuel planner. He is the Dev of the fuel planner I believe, so unless something has changed........ cheers Brian
  8. ok, that would be about 200kgs, but the landing weights are still incorrect. Brian
  9. Thanks Hanse, Can you also check the takeoff weight and landing weights. I am sure that the takeoff weight should be lower than the taxi weight and the landing weight should definitely be higher than the ZFW. See fuel planner above. Thanks
  10. In the virus and protection settings scroll down to controlled folder access, it will tell you if the prepar3d folder is/has being blocked and you can also set a app through. Check you have also excluded the folder from the anti virus in the same area under exclusions. Windows folders are protected by default.
  11. Hi, I have an issue that I hope someone can answer. I am using A320 V1.4.2.0 Prepapr3d V5.1 HF1. When I create a loadsheet from the fuel planner and import to the aircraft using the 3rd MCDU some of the figures are incorrect. The screenshot attached explains it better. As you can see in the fuel planner I have 100 PAX, 2500 cargo with a ZFW of 54,879 and a ZFW/CG or 27.0. Fuel loaded = 6235 giving me a total of 61,114 TOW and TOW %MAC of 27.0 The loadsheet text document is correct as you can see, but the 3rd MCDU ZFW is incorrect showing 52.1 and the TOW/ACT is showing 58.37 after importing. I have also tried manually inputting the same figures in the 3rd MCDU but still showing wrong info. Not sure if there is something I am missing or the system is not importing the correct info from the loadsheetA320.txt file. Hopefully someone can figure this out. If you would like my loadsheet I can upload Thanks Brian
  12. I have never installed any programs into the programs files as it can cause issues. Windows 'program files' is protected by windows. If you do have your installation there you should exclude the lockheed Martin folder in your virus and protection settings. However if you don't have issues then it is your choice.
  13. Hi., First issue. You should not have prepar3d installed in the program files. This may be your issue. Suggest installing prepar3d in its own folder. Have mine in D:\lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V5\prepar3d.exe Brian
  14. Mmm, Mathijs, The buses are currently very stable on my system except for the glaring radio bug. This issue is not a new issue that was introduced in the last update, this has been an ongoing bug since the update on the A318 - A320, thats 2 updates ago and at first Aerosoft put it down to the change in radio frequency to 8.33mhz, and then later retracted that because it is happening in all external software programs and hardware. We all know that you and your team work very hard and we all appreciate that, I don't think comments like that are helpful to anybody. We all paid a lot for this airbus and its just frustrating when something so basic as a radio not working correctly with other programs is the issue. I did ask previously if it could be sent out as a hotfix over other enhancements that were planned, so I ask again is that possible? Thank you.
  15. Double check that you only have the tca throttle quadrant ticked in the configurator.
  16. no, 2-3 weeks according to another post
  17. oh 2-3 weeks. That is so disappointing. Considering this is an issue across the whole of the A3xx fleet and affecting all external radio applications, software and hardware (Pro ATCx, Saitek panels, Pilot2ATC to name a few) and affecting the immersion. I think this should be a hotfix and not roped with implementing other features that are not bugs. Please reconsider and get radio fix out as a hotfix. Thank you Brian
  18. This is happening for all programs that attempt to change radio freqs in the A318 - A330 including hardware such as the saitek panel. See my post uploaded video showing issue. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/156561-saitek-radio-panel-not-working-with-airbus-a318-a321/
  19. I have created a video showing exactly what is happening. I urge you to please look at this again. This is with the standard saitek plugin, not spadneXt. 20201027_143045.mp4
  20. I know this, but it is not spadneXt that is the issue it is the saitek radio panel. Also other 3rd party apps are also unable to change radio frequencies. If you look back through the forum, this has been an issue since update. Stable version is fine, so something broke after that update. Please can you look again at what might have changed, gone wrong. Looking at the forums this is also an issue with the A330.
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