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  1. for P3Dv4 You will have to fiddle around with the cfg entry. you need to add the EXTIAE model and change the texture.cfg. Otherwise it will not work
  2. are you using brake pedals in your rig? If so make sure the axis null zone you have set for the brakes is big enough. The brake may be activating by itself and killing the autobrake.
  3. It has happened to my in every single Airbus model. Once it starts happening, it goes like every two or three flights until a new version is released. Gets installed, problem goes away for a few days and then bam!, it comes back.
  4. Thank you Sr. I do have access to latest 330 Fcom also (I have plenty of colleagues that fly 330s) but I didn't say anything cause I don't fly it myself. Seems like being an A320 pilot is not enough to give input (...and talk about "airbus logic"). But I'm glad you did quoted the info. I hope the Aerosoft's A330 pilots team reconsider to check this VERY important feature, since is one of the veeery few moments we actually get to manually fly the craft. Thanks again. Alfredo
  5. I couldn't explain it better my friend. Thank you for your input. Since abnormal ops are not modeled, the only way to see this is to actually pay attention to the Cruise SD or the PRESS SD. which I would bet, many, don't do it. And find in there that the Delta P is way off limits in amber. Im sure many users are experiencing it and not noticing it right away.
  6. The many times informed pressurization behavior is also present in the A330 Second flight this has happened. V1.0.0.10 Everything is adjusted accordingly to a normal operation at all flight phases. Any hints? Thank you Alfredo
  7. Hello devs. lets assume we are on AP on final everything ready for landing. Lets say around 500ft agl, AP off, but i dont touch the stick. Plane continues to glide gracefully following the ILS. Still without touching the stick, at 50ft the plane, all by itself pitches up (like An automatic flaring) And I just move levers to idle at 20ft. The plane landed in manual mode without Ever touching the stick. this has happened since version if I recall correctly. we know airbus flare logic is to actually do the opposite. Pitch down so the pilot pulls and hold the new pitch attitude. (As I do in a real 320) just my two cents. Thanks for your responses. Alfredo
  8. Hello guys I did a quick search of "a330 flare" and i couldnt find anything relevant, so. Im sure you are aware of the wrong A330 flare logic which actually pulls de nose up instead of down below 50ft, making basically land the plane all by itself like an autoland, literally not necessary to touch the stick, just thrust levers to idle and that's it. Is there any time frame for this to be corrected?? Thanks in advance!
  9. ok. Thanks now updated to .10
  10. I see but it wasnt available when this happened. Also Aerosoft updater shows as the latest and current version. My instant downloads also showing 1008 for download only.
  11. Hello Guys I noticed today on a flight with the a330 that the ecam t.o. memo did not disappear when thrust levers pushed to FLEX. The real deal removes this display as soon as T.O. INHIBIT phase is activated. and this happens a few seconds after the levers are set. I even cleaned up the plane, completed the after takeoff climb checklist, and the t.o. memo was still displaying (now showing again blue for flaps, autobrakes, TO CONFIG NORM and spoilers) It was finally gone until somewhere around 3000ft AGL. Please take a look at it Thanks in advance! Alfredo
  12. Ground speed mini would be awesome! Thanks for the answer Dave. will kindly wait for the updates. Regards.
  13. well, the first video looks like a perfect emergency descent initiation. May be the reaction is faster than the RL counterpart. But it can really and easily reach those VS rates. On the second one, since you started the descent well past the TOD the plane will really dive to catch the profile as long as it remains within the magenta speed brackets. they do make this dives quite sharp and "uncomfortable"
  14. Good day gents. I found out a problem with the logic between managed speed and airplane configuration during approach. This on the A330. Whenever the Approach Phase is activated, the new MANAGED speed target is now VAPP. All good here, but, the airplane misses the green dot and F gates as it decelerates towards VAPP. Speed should stop at green DOT no matter the managed SPD target until FLAPS 1 are selected. Then it should continue to decelerate towards F speed gate and hold it until FLAPS 2 are extended and so with FLAPS 3. VAPP should only be reached when FLAPS FULL are selected. If I let the plane to miss the speed gates, the speed continue dropping until alpha floor is reached. In order to avoid this I have to pull speed into selected mode and from there I have to adjust my speed until fully config, then push speed into managed again. This method is commonly used, specially when ATC requires you to mantain certain speed until certain fix. But the MANAGED SPD behavior is not correct during approach and configuration phases. Hope you get the chance to take a look at it. Loving the plane no matter what! Thank you.
  15. Hello! A fictional HAWAIIAN A330 please! https://images.app.goo.gl/Z6tCp9qvgxoGTLtA9 thank you
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