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  1. Ground speed mini would be awesome! Thanks for the answer Dave. will kindly wait for the updates. Regards.
  2. well, the first video looks like a perfect emergency descent initiation. May be the reaction is faster than the RL counterpart. But it can really and easily reach those VS rates. On the second one, since you started the descent well past the TOD the plane will really dive to catch the profile as long as it remains within the magenta speed brackets. they do make this dives quite sharp and "uncomfortable"
  3. Good day gents. I found out a problem with the logic between managed speed and airplane configuration during approach. This on the A330. Whenever the Approach Phase is activated, the new MANAGED speed target is now VAPP. All good here, but, the airplane misses the green dot and F gates as it decelerates towards VAPP. Speed should stop at green DOT no matter the managed SPD target until FLAPS 1 are selected. Then it should continue to decelerate towards F speed gate and hold it until FLAPS 2 are extended and so with FLAPS 3. VAPP should only be reached when FLAPS FULL are selected. If I let the plane to miss the speed gates, the speed continue dropping until alpha floor is reached. In order to avoid this I have to pull speed into selected mode and from there I have to adjust my speed until fully config, then push speed into managed again. This method is commonly used, specially when ATC requires you to mantain certain speed until certain fix. But the MANAGED SPD behavior is not correct during approach and configuration phases. Hope you get the chance to take a look at it. Loving the plane no matter what! Thank you.
  4. Hello! A fictional HAWAIIAN A330 please! https://images.app.goo.gl/Z6tCp9qvgxoGTLtA9 thank you
  5. The 320s I fly dont even play 20ft callout. And I fly a really wide variety of serials, from 2000's to 9000's. From 30ft goes to retard callout and it has priority over the rest gpws (20 10 and 5) callouts, as long as the levers are not retarded. And lets not forget, "retard" callout is not a command, its a reminder to move the levers to idle. I can touchdown with levers at CLB if power is needed all the way to the runway. And believe me it happens quite often, specially at warmer days. So, there is not a precise/exact moment at which the retard call is triggered. Regards
  6. I've discovered that, even though the FMA is displaying the CLB in blue, meaning that it will activate after SRS mode disengages after liftoff, it doesnt actually activates. After liftoff, I have to push the knob in the FCU to achieve this. Then the CLB becomes green/active and the dot next to the ALT window in the FCU lights up. In real life, this "Pushing the knob" is never needed while on ground filling all the FMGC requirements. If the FMA is showing the CLB in blue, it means that the ALT dot should already be lit in the FCU and the CLB mode should automatically become active after being airborne. This thing is causing my excessive pitch/alpha floor condition after take off (on my end, every single time). If i push the knob and get the dot(thing that is NOT normally done in cockpit preparation) then everything goes normal. Hope I made myself clear Regards, Alfredo
  7. In real life, Managed climb mode arms automatically after PERF page has been completed and there is a FPLN and weights entered. Part of the callouts when the takeoff briefing begins is calling what is showing in the FCU. Dashes Dot(for speed window) Dashes Dot (for lateral control) HDG/VS (as opposed to TRK/FPA) 23000ft(could read any other altitude) Dot(this is the dot called for an armed managed climb) Dashes (VS should not display anything. So basically it should NOT be necessary to PRESS the alt knob to arm managed climb mode in the first place. This should arm by itself after all parameters are entered in FMGC and ALT window read above 100ft. Regards Alfredo
  8. FMGC gives the optimum speed. If you want something different i suggest pulling speed and selecting your desired one.
  9. hello gents When ever the cargo doors are operated, the yellow system pressurizes to operate the doors. This is shown in the HYD SD page as a green line pressurized system 3000psi at the right side (yellow sys). This is the only way we can check the door is being operated and in transit to either open or closed position. Currently this is not being reflected on the simulation. just FYI Regards Alfredo
  10. Yeap... im at same issue exactly. still unable to use it on 320/321
  11. happened to me as well. only once, A321 IAE AAL. scenery was a llitle heavy thou, KPHX by flightbeam. i was on approach and plane went bogus. completly out of control, it went for an irrecoverable dive. I had to call slew and position the plane in a non unusual attitude and after getting out of slew everything came back to normal. this was about 10 days ago.
  12. ok.. after several attempts, i discovered that the situation is inverted. i can now use the 320/321 web interface, but the 318/319 web mcdu is frozen, with all buttons working thou.
  13. now I cant use the web mcdu in either plane. all buttons are working fine through my ipad, but the mcdu screen in my ipad is frozen. yesterday the 318-319 was working but not today after update.
  14. copy the aircraft entries for each aircraft.cfg before updating. then place them back again in the new aircraft.cfg after update. is a pain, but easier.
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