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  1. Fully agree with you. I think it might be written in more clear way, so people would know not to shut no 2 right away.
  2. @zenit_swe It was skipped because it was probably not the first flight in the day . And it's done only once per day. Regarding shutting the second engine first - it means that after landing we need to shutdown engines in oposite order, so the test can be performed for the other side. Test is somehow explained (well, maybe not explained, but there is something about it) here: https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/352900-crj-series-fuel-check-valve-check.html For more info we need to look into system documentation. Or ask The Dude .
  3. Hi Maciej. As you can see above, the translation for now is done, both documents already. But if you have any suggestions, comments or correction, just let me know. I'll do any changes that would lead to improvement of polish version. Paweł
  4. Ok, For now it's done. Both documents. I attach them in PDF format (with bookmarks). I will make any corrections, or changes, when needed (if we get any newer version etc.) I did my best to find a way to make translation, which would be fully translated to polish, and understandable for beginners, without loosing common english aviation terminology. As in many cases some words and phrases are used without translation even in polish texts (ex. Flight Director - I didn't find any polish words for it anywhere. It's always called this way). Or when I thought it's just useful
  5. And some other mistake (at least I think so..). Page 58, description of initial Climb. There is acceleration and flap retraction phase: "the aircraft accelerates again and passes 180 kts retract the flaps to 8°. " I think we take-off with flaps 8, so we retract to 1. Is that correct?
  6. One more thing - page 29, position 26 - ANTI SKID TEST - it points to Overhead Glare Panel and should be Upper Pedestal I think.
  7. Hi, I think there is mistake regarding the windshield heating switches - page 26 - "Now activate the windshield heating (L and R probe switches) " I think probe switches are different thing, and it should state WSHLD switches...
  8. Ok, so the Vol1 is finished. Should I upload it here in doc format, or send by email? Or maybe finish Vol 3 first, and then let you know both are done?
  9. Also, I have a doubt regarding the copyright note. It's legal thing, and I don't feel comfortable translating this. I can try to do my best, but I don't have any lawer to support this, or make sure it's done correctly. So, what's the suggestion? maybe I should leave it in english, and putting some note in polish what it is, and that meaning expressed in English is correct? Besides that, I'm doing good with translation of first document, just need review, one of two rereads and corrections.
  10. @Mathijs Kok Hi. I'd like to be sure about one thing. In the credits section, there is sentence 'We would like to thank the late Captain Andreas Kraft', and I think that english sentence construction refers to person that has passed away recently (or died anyway, even if not recently). So, I wanted to ask, if that's the case. Quite sensitive subject, so wanted to be sure.
  11. Hi. I think one more thing might need correction (in english version). Page 18, panel no. 12 - I think it should be called 'reversionary', instead of revisionary (the one to switch MFS to PFD, NORM or EICAS) Also - maybe interface for FMS should be called CDU in manual, instead of just FMS? I know it's what everybody usually call it, so up to you..
  12. @Mathijs Kok I'm going throug the document, and I have first question. Often word 'Thrust' is used when I would rather expect 'Power'. Ex. p 13 - Overhead panel - ELECTRICAL POWER panel is described in table as 'Electrical Thrust'. Also GPU (or GPC, as Cart) is called Ground Thrust Cart (ex. in EFB section). Is this intended? I would suspect some mistake in German->English translation.
  13. Hi, I intend to translate the Vol 6: Step-by-Step and the Vol1: Inside the Simulator in Polish. Paweł
  14. Marcel, I'd like to add my big "Thank You" to the list. For me, as a no-real-life-pilot, such addons are realy great value - they allow us to make another step forward realizm. My skills and some avation knowledge will improve for sure. I was looking at Diamond website, and I found that they publish real aircraft manuals. When I took a look at it, I found another thing: we already have a real AOM delivered . Even picture used for walk-around procedure is taken from real AOM. Nice, such things add next pieces to realizm. Model and textures are of finest quality, and what's realy importa
  15. Hi, As in the topic title - I installed the packedge, and I can see no water of sea. There is shoreline, beaches, but there is land instead of sea water. Attached picture shows what it looks like. No problem with other locations. Any idea how to fix it? I have UTX, FTX scenery, Tongas Fjords and REX2, and some airports. No mesh addon, so during instalation I didn't check such option (there is such checkbox). FTX mode was switched off for installation. EDIT: Already fixed. I used UTX setup utility. I disabled and reenabled all water class in of UTX. All seems to be OK now.
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