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  1. If you run ASUpdater, there is info regarding new version. But this updater doesn't allow to update automatically for some reason.
  2. Yes, this can be observed. I can see that sometimes it just turns too early, flies perpendicular to new course for a moment, then turns towards the desired path, overshoots it, turns back again and so on. Until it finally manages to catch proper flight path.
  3. I was not aware I was so good at Italian (is that Italian by the way?) .
  4. It's a bit strange, but I don't have experience with SB plans. But it seems you have SID, then KOVAS as SID ending point, then Q125 to UREXE. So, I'd go to LEGS page, and probably I'd see some positions for SID procedure with KOVAS, then KOVAS again, then probably DEXUL (it's on Q125 to UREXE). Then you can just delete second KOVAS, you will have discontinuity there, and copy DEXUL (hit left key next to it) and paste it to discontinuity line. So in the end you'd have: SID points, KOVAS, DEXUL... next waypoints..
  5. Hi. I also fly quite often with this CRJ, and yes, it has some little troubles, that probably will be fixed, but in overall it's great aircraft. Autopilot behaviour is good. In most cases I don't have any problems. And also it's a joy to fly by hand. Why would flying ILS approach by hand result in embarrassing situation? It's still ILS, doesn't have to be performed by AP. If it causes trouble to fly by hand, then it's time to switch AP and FD off, and start practice. And once it's ok and comfortable for you, start using automation. I'm pretty sure every IRL pilot is able to hand fly his/her aircraft in all phases of flight.
  6. Ok, so I made a few more testing. It seems that indeed removing discontinuity at the end of legs list may cause issue. I tried a new flight plan - VCRI - VRMV (VRMV doesn't have any STAR published). So, just simple VCRI dct MLE dct VRMV. When I just enter that, there is discontinuity at the end. I'm still able to choose RWY or one of RNAV approaches. It works. But if I delete that discontinuity first, then choosing ARR rwy or approach causes freeze of CRJ. And if I remove that discontinuity, FMS will not show distance to destination (as in screenshot post above with EDDS), so the whole route seems to be incorrect for it. So you need to put some app or rwy.
  7. Yes, I think this is a bug. And I'm able to reproduce it. Example: I program very simple plan LFST SUL1N SUL REUTL REUT5A EDDS I start with POS INIT, then FLT PLN. So I input LFST as originating airport, EDDS as destination. And I put rwy 05. I then go to DEP/ARR page and I choose SUL1N SID (rwy 05 is already selected, as specified in FLT PLN page). Then I go back to FLT PLN, and I input the rest of route, so in this case simple DCT REUTL. And I hit EXEC. Such route contains discontinuity. So I go to LEGS page, and I delete that discontinuity at the end. And I hit EXEC. So still without any STAR or Approach. And such route doesn't seem to be correct for FMS. On MFD it drows infinite line, instead of connecting REUTL with EDDS airpot (as shown on attached screenshot). I'm not sure it's correct behaviour. I usually fly (I mean in various different aircraft) without inserting any arrival or approach, and I input them in-flight. So - can anyone confirm it's right or wrong? And the worst thing - If in such situation I go to DEP/ARR page, then to ARR page, and I choose approach first (ex. ILS 07), it freezes the aircraft. So that's obvious bug. When I start with STAR, and then with approach, it seems to work. But what to do if airport doesn't have published STAR proc or I just don't want to use any?
  8. Hi, two post above - Dwa posty wyżej (są jako załączniki do posta, wymagana jest rejestracja i bycie zalogowanym na forum):
  9. Hi, Mathijs, isn't there error in your e-mail address in first post: (...)aerorosoft.cm - shouldn't it be mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com ?
  10. I think it was stated here in forums, and also manuals say so, that it will be possible to use Navigraph.
  11. Fully agree with you. I think it might be written in more clear way, so people would know not to shut no 2 right away.
  12. @zenit_swe It was skipped because it was probably not the first flight in the day . And it's done only once per day. Regarding shutting the second engine first - it means that after landing we need to shutdown engines in oposite order, so the test can be performed for the other side. Test is somehow explained (well, maybe not explained, but there is something about it) here: https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/352900-crj-series-fuel-check-valve-check.html For more info we need to look into system documentation. Or ask The Dude .
  13. Hi Maciej. As you can see above, the translation for now is done, both documents already. But if you have any suggestions, comments or correction, just let me know. I'll do any changes that would lead to improvement of polish version. Paweł
  14. Ok, For now it's done. Both documents. I attach them in PDF format (with bookmarks). I will make any corrections, or changes, when needed (if we get any newer version etc.) I did my best to find a way to make translation, which would be fully translated to polish, and understandable for beginners, without loosing common english aviation terminology. As in many cases some words and phrases are used without translation even in polish texts (ex. Flight Director - I didn't find any polish words for it anywhere. It's always called this way). Or when I thought it's just useful to learn something. I think it will work fine. There are some notes added regarding this, but not too many. And I hope polish reader will understand this document, and also learn some terminology that is used commonly. And also I'm quite confident regarding correctness in terms of provided aviation information etc. But if anyone finds any errors (of any kind), I'm open to make corrections. I did a few rereads of both documents. I tried to remove any mistakes I made. Formatting is kept as in original. But off course if anyone finds any errors, or have some suggestions, something is not understood - let me know, I'll try to make corrections. POLISH / POLSKI: W załączeniu są dwa dokumenty w polskim tłumaczeniu. Starałem się zachować terminologię angielską (ale z polskim tłumaczeniem) tam, gdzie wydawało mi się to potrzebne. Czasem w polskich tekstach powrzechnie używa się zwrotów i terminów po angielsku, nie chciałem na siłę pozbawiać was tego. Czasem miałem problem z niektórymi rzeczami. Jeżeli ktoś zauważa błędy, szczególnie jeśli moje tłumaczenie jest niepoprawne i prowadzi do błędnego rozumienia zawartych informacji - to oczywiście jestem otwarty na dyskusję i wprowadzanie poprawek. Również, jeżeli ktoś czegoś nie rozumie, mój tekst jest niejasny - prośba o info. Postaram się pomóc. Tłumaczenie zachowuje dość wiernie oryginalny tekst. Więc ew. zastrzeżenia moga odnosić się do samej treści oryginalnej. Dawajcie znać, będziemy kombinowali. MSFS_Vol3_Tutorial_20210214 - PL_v1.pdf Vol1_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part-1 _PL.pdf
  15. And some other mistake (at least I think so..). Page 58, description of initial Climb. There is acceleration and flap retraction phase: "the aircraft accelerates again and passes 180 kts retract the flaps to 8°. " I think we take-off with flaps 8, so we retract to 1. Is that correct?
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