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  1. Thanks, I’ve tried four separate email addresses, no joy.
  2. Thanks but I have everything I can possibly select in your list selected. I didn't even get this notification and it does not go to spam on my iMac. I do not use a PC for email. It can only be your forum software, no offense, it's just that no one else does this, sad to say.
  3. Thanks Otto. If there's one thing I could wish for is that this site would send me email notifications. In my control panel it's set to send. It's the only site on the entire Internet that does this. So I have to keep coming back to see if there's a reply.
  4. Thank you. I wish the installer would have put the new one in the Start menu.
  5. Hello again, so I uninstalled the A320/A321 & A318/A319 from P3D V4.5. Then I ran and installed the newer versions for 4.5. But when I try to run the Livery Manager from Start/Aerosoft, I get a box that says Windows cannot find the Livery Manager. I also installed the A320/A321 for V5 and after in rebooted and all that I see that it doesn’t even have a Livery Manager. Was it removed? Thanks
  6. Thanks. I plan to use both 4.5 and 5 so do I uninstall the 4.5 planes first? I haven't installed the V5 ones yet.
  7. Hi, I got the V5 downloads and the Version 4 as well. A couple of questions. 1) Do I uninstall the V4 planes before installing? 2) Are the liveries I added to V4.5's planes compatible with V5? Much appreciate any answers.
  8. I’m sorry, I will check on my computer when I get home.
  9. I went to my account Dave and all I see is two orders. No differentiation between 4.4 or 5. It doesn’t even say what sim it’s for. Is the version 5 a separate new purchase?
  10. Thanks Dave. I’m out right now so can you tell me if there’s four separate installers? V5 A319 V5 A320 V4.5 A319 V4.5 A320 Much appreciated sir.
  11. Hello, I have an older version of the A319 and A320 installed in V4.5 HFs, didn't have a chance to update them yet. But I just installed brand new fresh copy of P3D V5 yesterday. Are the installers the same file for both 4.5 and V5? Can I have both planes in both sims? Thanks.
  12. I'm sorry to ask this so please forgive me as I don't use this forum that often. How will we be notified when the A318/A319/A320/A321 series will be ready for P3D V5? Much appreciated, and again, sorry to ask here.
  13. Thanks but green light or not, it will not allow me to type in it. I have the latest version of the bus, latest version of P3D, and keep Win 10 updated.
  14. Hello, I just reinstalled the newer versions of the A318/319/320/321. Just a few questions about the EFB. Can it be hidden? How do I type text into the EFF box? What does the green light on it mean, that it's on? Just curious. Many thanks.
  15. Thank you. Thanks but Ive seen too many posts where there have been problems with scenery with it. I'd only want to install the Client anyway.
  16. Since I have P3D hotfix 1, not 2, and don't want to go to HF2 I reckon this plane will not run under 4.5 HF1? Thanks.
  17. Yes, I was something like +12 above VApp because I was getting the "Speed, Speed" warning. So I was plenty fast. Much appreciated!
  18. Thanks Dave, sadly I didn't write it all down. But next flight I will. I have to say though, all my recent flights have been hand landings, haven't done an autoland in a while. And despite not setting a DH it still landed exactly like his video. And the thing in common was AS4. And, there were thunderstorms and a lot of turbulence at the airport. Thanks for getting back to me, I was following this just out of curiosity to see how it was resolved. I still LOVE this Bus, and will be buying the A330.
  19. Five minutes ago I did a flight from LEMH to LIEO in severe weather with AS4 running and wanted to test this. So I too did an auto land and it was exactly as described, no flare and very hard landing. It must be a setting in AS4.
  20. Same issue here, please tell me specifically which views to disable? Thanks.
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