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  1. When the checklist wigs out how does one reset the checlist and continue on. For example during takeoff the checklist stopped working? Now that I am climbing I'd like to reset the checklist to CLIMB or maybe a little later to Cruise. V
  2. Im my default scenario I use the Mooney. I there I shut everything off. Shift-L to turn on the panel lights (fixes the MDCU-3 issue) and set the fuel to 25% for both tanks. Set this as the default scenario. Viola.
  3. Found a workaround. After fueling and before boarding manually enter the values for Passengers and gargo with the same values as loaded. Everything proceeds normally after that.
  4. Dan Bonenfant

    QNH Preset

    I hope this is not a duplicate. Searching is not helping much. Is there a way to Preset the QNH during descent so that when switching off of STD one can have the correct QNH set? I have tried setting this in the PERF page and it did not preset. It changed to 29.92 when switched from STD.
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