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  1. Thought I'd give the new version (2.4) a spin to see if it works well enough to fly. Even was able to download and configure the Bravo driver. Everything seems to be working properly with the exception of the throttles. I could not get them to move. With FSUIPC, Without FSUIPC and configured directly from P3D. Makes no difference. I then loaded the ready to taxi profile with everything configured and engines running. Throttles still won't move, however the engines do spool up.
  2. I get invalid file when trying to load the throttle profile.
  3. Nevermind. I have spent hours trying to make your stuff work with no success. I have uninstalled and reinstalled using your guide. I have perused the support forume for any wisp of information that may help. Nothing ever does. Easier for me to take the loss and uninstall. I have limited time for my hobby and I'm not wasting any more of it it trying to make stuff work when I have no issues with other aircraft.
  4. So what happens when that does not work?
  5. Is there an updated version of Vol7-Thrust Lever Setup that correctly defines how to setup the thrust lever. The installed version I have shows a fadec section that does not exist in my configurator. I've tried everything I can find and cannot get the throttles to work with my Bravo. Works just fine with PMDG 737ngxu.
  6. I understand it is not easy. Until I have a workable profile available I'll be leaving the A32xx Pro as well as the CRJ Pro in the hangar. I have tried unsuccessfully with the CRJ using all of the information available, what meager info there is. Not wasting any more time until there is something useable to start with.
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