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  1. I was hoping we could get more details on to to remove the current installled version and install the latest A320 pro version so not to lose any key settings and/or associations to things like LINDA programming, ChasePlane etc.. Also after doing this new install will the update start working again? Please advise Joe
  2. powayjoe


    I frequently change and update sceneries and aircraft so again it’s a simple task to delete the shaders file which I have a short cut directly to it. Thanks Joe
  3. powayjoe


    I do this as a regular practice whenever I update pretty much anything. Joe
  4. powayjoe


    I run an i5-2500k at 4.5 GHz with a GTX 1070 and have both aircraft and find just the opposite as most all do, the Aerosoft A320 performs much better in terms of frames because of the focus on what the interacting sim pilot really cares about. There must be something wrong with the install, you have some setting way off and/or you’re not comparing apples to apples with the PMDG aircraft. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying PMDG is a bad aircraft but I’ve permanently switched because of the unique design of the airbus systems and how much BETTER it runs in terms of FPS because of the choices the Aerosoft team has made. Hope you find the cause. Joe
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    Remote CDU

    I just added my A320 license to Mark’s app that I had purchased when I flew my PMDG 737 and it works beautifully with my Airbus! I have to say I don’t even launch my 737 anymore I’m an Aerosoft A320 guy now and this app works great and has virtually zero performance impact unlike the included remote CDU app which worked fine but had too much of a performance impact. Thanks Mark and the Aroesoft team for enabling this capability! Joe
  6. Would it be possible to get a copy of the list of variables (LVARs) that are specific to the new P3Dv4 Airbus 320 so I can take full advantage of using them with VoiceAttack and Spad.next? Thanks in advance Joe
  7. Tom Agreed and thanks. Perhaps in the future a reminder of this would be good in the original post you made at the very top. Patience will prevail and by the way I love the new A320. Great job guys!! Sincerely Joe
  8. Tom You saw my installer executable above, correct? If so that is the original not the latest,correct? Therefore at least as I understand it SimMarket hasn't updated their site yet, Correct? Joe
  9. As I understand it the updater from our original installs will bring you only up to version as I originally stated. We need to get the newly released version installed and then update from there with the new installer to get past version It seems those of us who purchased outside of the Aerosoft direct website need to wait for all the other suppliers of the download package to update their download version to the latest version, from what I see at The SimMarket where I purchased mine. Joe
  10. This is what is downloading currently from my SimMarket account as of 10 minutes ago. Thanks Joe
  11. I just uninstalled my version and reinstalled the version out on my SimMarket account then ran the updater and it put the same old one back on my PC what a waist of my time! You didn't state above that the SimMarket version was not updated yet, any guess on when I should repeat the whole process again? Joe
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    Nothing to select in the dropdown

    Thanks! Joe
  13. powayjoe

    Nothing to select in the dropdown

    Thanks By soon do you mean an hour or by tomorrow? Joe
  14. powayjoe

    Nothing to select in the dropdown

    I looked into my folder and there are folders only up to P3Dv4 nothing after that i.e. P3Dv4.1 doesn't exist. Also I only see the following in the P3Dv4 folder: defaultFlight (folder) as16.xml platform.xml profile.xml simCfg.xml simCfgBackupPresets.cfg I do not see a "debug pack" Joe
  15. powayjoe

    Nothing to select in the dropdown

    I have the same problem after the 1.5 auto update when I launch it asks to "Please select platform" but there is no drop down selections, I have never seen this request at start-up in all the years I have used SimStarter NG. I then uninstalled version 1.5 and reinstalled the version 1.5.2 which is the latest version at the FlightSim Store, same problem. I have updated P3Dv4 to version 4.1 using the LM client and content updates could this be an issue. I would have expected after the uninstall and reinstall of SimStarter NG it would have been fixed? Additionally I used to have P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 installed and recently deleted v3 but SimStarter NG worked fine after the uninstall of P3Dv3 when I only had P3Dv4 the issue came after the SimStarter NG v1.5 update or the P3Dv4.1 client and content update. Thanks in advance Joe