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  1. Just finished a new build and will be reinstalling P3Dv4.5 and my Aerosoft A320 Pro. Is there anything I need to do to deactivate on my current PC before I install on the new PC? Thanks in advance Joe
  2. Thanks for the reply and investigation into this issue. I didn’t mean to sound so negative in my earlier post but I was tired and frustrated. I understand the complexities involved. I was going to specifically highlight, at a meeting today, how well the Aerosoft A320 and the new GSX worked. For me full updates with reinstalls is not trivial because of the livery process and all the panel.cfg file Mods I make to position and size all my panels in 2D and VR well beyond even the overlap mod you guys just made. Regarding the issue, I did not toggle the chocks to see if it started
  3. Restarting didn’t help nor did anything else I tried. Since I had to do a demo tomorrow morning for a sim group I re-imaged to my saved copy prior to the update and all the work associated in doing that. All is good again. So for me the update to the non experimental version was a step backwards and I will wait until this and possibly other yet to be seen issues are rectified since I had no issues with v1.2.4.2 Joe
  4. I agree, prior to this update GSX worked great! Now it doesn’t particularly the fuel system. After a long uninstall and reinstall combined with all my livery reinstalls and modifying all my panel.cfg entries again to optimize size and placement in 2D and my VR size and positions for all pop ups GSX doesn’t work correctly for the demo I need to give to a sim group tomorrow. My solution was to re-image back to my saved disc image prior to all the work. I hope a fix comes soon and wish this was tested and prevented before release of a non experimental version.
  5. I have been using the new GSX Level 2 version with A320 v1.2.4.2 with no problems. Today I updated to version by uninstalling the previous version and the contents of the General folder then installed the new version and rebooted. Now when the GSX fuel truck connects all the hoses at KSFO gate 82 I get the message "(GSX) Please use the refueling system of your aircraft to refuel" as I always used to see and then fueling would begin automatically but now fueling will not begin and the message just keeps repeating. I use the Aerosoft fuel planner to
  6. Thanks for getting this fix out. As far as I can tell the GSX functions all work now as they should. The more I fly your A320 Pro the more I come to like it. My neighbor, an ex airbus pilot was blown away with the sim and wishes he had access to something like this years ago when he was a pilot. It’s great to watch him interact with your sim as though he had real souls on board. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Joe
  7. Mathijs, Maybe this week, if not I will give my club demo without the update to GSX. Not trying to be a pain just trying to plan a big demo with your product. Joe
  8. I was wondering when the next experimental release with the GSX boarding and cargo fixes might be released. I believe I read on this forum the issue has been solved and will be released with the next experimental release. I am looking to give a large demonstration of the A320 to a group of pilots and would like to also show off the GSX capabilities without all the workarounds to make it work. Anyway I understand you are probably working on several things simultaneously and must test the release changes but I am still curious if it’s on the order of days or weeks before the release.
  9. I noticed this same behavior on route a KSFO at FL240 also Joe
  10. I am getting the “hundred above” call out when taxing to the runway at KSBA on new flights I load. I’ve set aircraft state as turn around and taxi and both have this behavior. The behavior is with a clean install of v1.2.4 and didn’t exist previously with the v1.2.3.2 that was installed prior. Joe
  11. I haven’t been able to log into my account for 2 days to download the latest version installer, any news on what the problem is that seems to be lingering on. Joe
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