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  1. Hi Dave. 1. I don't use EZDOK camera. 2. I don't use saved flights. 3. I install full p3Dv4.5 (client,content, scenery) I downloaded the sounds and did the test but unfortunately it didn't help me.
  2. The flashing is caused by the recording program and has nothing to do with performance. My P3D setting is default, i have no adddon installed except Aerosoft Airbus Professional. I don't have any overclock setting (CPU and GPU). Below is a video without flashing and sound. Aerosoft Airbus.mp4
  3. I made short film: Aerosoft Airbus Professional.mp4
  4. Yes. The specs are from the new computer and yes, after installed airbus i restart computer. I'm using P3Dv4.5 with the Hotfix.
  5. Hi Dave. Yes i using Realtec driver and i don't have additional sound card. My specs: Intel i5 9600k Motherboard MSI GAMING Plus Z390 16gb RAM DDR4 SSD 1 TB Geforce GTX1060 6gb Yesterday i bought a new computer and installed new system but problem persist. Unfortunately, my English isn't perfect and it will be hard for me to speak in this language, so i would prefer to write.
  6. Hi Dave. I have stable 35 FPS and latest sound driver. I add to Prepare3d.cfg under the [sound] section time_constant=0 and the problem is still occurs.
  7. Hello Dave. I have installed Airbus on "C:\Users\Rafal\Documents\Aerosoft", but unfortunately the problem still occurs. 1. When i load the Airbus with cold and dark state, start the engines and shut them down sound disappears. 2. When i load the airbus with engines on (default panel state) and after that i shut them down, the sound is correct. But when I turn engine on and off again, the sound doesn't appear anymore. I also noticed that when i starting engines , and n1 reaches about 6%, the engines sound disappears for about 1 second and starts again.
  8. I have installed P3Dv4 and Airbus on disc D (this isn't default location) : D:\Prepar3D v4 D:\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Files with sound are located in: D:\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Sound_CFM D:\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Sound_IAE The sound files are in the folder.
  9. Before installing Airbus version, i uninstalling the old version, removed any remaining folders and reboot computer. Next i launched the installer "As Admin". After installing i made another reboot of computer and update to version Unfortunately, the problem with engine sound still occurs .
  10. The problem with the engine sound occurs from the release of the aircraft. When I shut the engines down after a flight, the engine sound disappears within one second. One of the several topic:
  11. I have same situation but on start descend to CYVR. Airbus a319 CFM Route;: PANC - CYFR, NOEND DCT MDO J605 BKA J195 ANN J502 YZT with star WHSLR5 (rwy08L) CI: 30 P3Dv4.4
  12. Today i was fly the step-by-step flight EDDF - EGLL (I programmed MCDU exactly the same as in the instructions). Initial descent rate at the T/D was aggressive (around 4500-5000 fpm) and after i used speedbrake this value reached 7200 fpm. The rest of the descent path was good. I used clear skies weather without wind.
  13. Today I was flying the same route as gregoryv with the settings he gave, expect the weather (i have clear weather without winds) Flight Plan: LSZH - EDDT DEGE2W DEGES DCT ROMGA Z1 ETAGO DCT TIKNI N746 ROBEL T200 RUDAK RUDA5V CI - 50 I managed descend 10 nm before TOD and the plane start descending with rate around 5700 fpm. After that to FL150 aircraft descending with around 4000 fpm , then he accelerated to 6000 fpm. Last turn before final approach aircraft again start descending with 4000 fpm.
  14. I have completely new hdd on my pc with clean win10 and full latest installation of P3D V4, and still have same problem (look at my post above) so the version of the P3D seems to not have nothing to do in my situation.
  15. I did one more test flight today and the same problem occured again. My route: EGLC (dep rwy27) - LZTT (arr rwy:09) with Active Sky 2016 live real time mode CLN1A CLN UL620 NOMKA L620 HLV P27 LIPMU LIPM1S T/D was 72nm before runway 09 (it seems to me, that point T/D has been to close to the airport) and initial descent rate was 7000 fpm (i think it's to much). The wind was stable.
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