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  1. I guess it's just my preference to see and "feel" a buttery, pillow soft landings. I'm prolly also spoiled by other aircraft the perform autoland like the plane never left the ground. I don't have an issue hand landing and can achieve my desired results but I like putting the planes thru their paces and seeing what they can do for me. I agree VAs shouldn't base performance on landing rate but ive seem some decline a 12-18 hour pirep because of a cruddy rate. I am a perfectionist as I assume most of us probably are and seeing a double digit rate is phenomenal...and if the aircraft can do it without me touching the stick, its all that much better...
  2. Just ran KRNO KSLC...453 fpm! Stock easyjet 320 cfm...Ils 34L. 040 @ 3 so not much cross... Vapp 137 as suggested in the planning ... EFOB at dest was about 5.0...approach was stable then SLAM! I also had an issue with the managed cruise speed.. was set to .75 mach in crz phase but always resorted back to 203 knots if I let the AP drive...I managed the whole flight and held as long as I didnt let the AP set speed.
  3. Excellent.. Ill keep an eye out for the update. Ill do some VAPP speed testing of my own and let you know whatI come up with
  4. Problem is, I did have calm and favorable conditions. Weather was set to fair and active sky was off. May have been a slight head wind which should've helped the flare but it landed harder than the IAE test. There could be some slight elevation issue with the addons vs stock airports but the other makers seem to have nailed it down... just some observations with the flight characteristics in autoland.
  5. Flew into Flightbeam KMSP to ils 30L in the cfm. Landed at 347 fpm... not happy with that... raised the Vapp +5 from the initial setting... just for fun but it didnt help the landing rate...meh...
  6. Playing with Vapp may do something to help... I know the 737 in auto does a +5 Vapp but the bus barks at you if you dont set it to Vapp speed. I'll make a hop tomorrow and see what happens if I raise it a tad...
  7. Well I just ran a hop from Sacto to Portland in the IAE. Autolanded at 247 fpm which is acceptable... I did notice it still didnt follow the decent path properly and had to intervene to get the plane to the planned altitudes and speeds. Guess I'll wait for that to be addressed as I've seen others bring up the same issue...
  8. Finally got around to flying... Took out the 320 cfm ... did a couple touch and gos at Flightbeam KPHX. Plane is still slamming into the deck using autoland. Approach speed is 137, flaps full, landing ils rwy 8 with 090 @ 7 wind. Frames at 30+ no stutters... Aircraft does flare but it seems to flare just a tad late. Seems to drive into the runway and doesnt settle into the flare. I wasnt running smart cars so I can't specify the exact rate but it wasnt a cushy crowd pleaser... Haven't tried with a stock p3d airport but I cant imagine the elevation is much different being other planes handle the landing nicely.
  9. Yes.. using ezdok. Just ran the config and it looks great I was in external view.. the wings showed up and just a blank white lines, just white...weird being it worked fine with every other aircraft in the hangar... just not the bus.... thank you for the advice!
  10. My paths were fine before the update... did you change the path in the update? They show fine in the selection screen but white out after they load up. Wings show fine but the fuselage is all white
  11. Just did the latest update... all and i mean all my fuse textures turned white! Not only that but the update deleted all my add on textures as well. They are still in my folder but unelectable in game
  12. Mainly A320… Both IAE and CFM models Frame rates are 30-40 Addons- Orbx global/vector FSDT and flightbeam West coast airports Weather was what ever active sky 16 pulled at the time… I think it was pretty clear at all the airports Ive tried KLAS, KPHX, KLAX, and a couple P3d standard airports. As Goshob stated, Landing rates are judged by the VA and they aren’t really that big a factor per se, however the aircraft does seem to slam into the deck when hitting those 500+ rates. I was playing with my NGX this weekend and found my throttles may have contributed to the speed management issue on decent. I lowered the null zone on calibration and it helped that aircraft manage speed. I haven’t tried it with the bus just yet but I plan on checking it out.
  13. Been a long time airbus owner and have logged thousands of hours in my X. I frequently used auto land in fsx and p3d v2 with relatively no issues.. once I got v4 and the airbus, I tried to use the auto land feature and it mostly works.. I've found it doesnt regulate speed according to the approach data in the fms so it needs to be controlled with the speed knob. Takes a little practice and feathering of the speed brakes to get the plane down to flaps 1 approach speed but it it manageable. The X didnt have this issue... Also the landing rates are really high... In the X, they were generally around 250 or so but in the pro model I've seen jumps to around 750. I do have addon scenery and have done the elevation adjustments on the payware. I get the same rates on default airports as well. The flare indication does illuminate but its right before TD and the plane usually slams into the runway. All the ils info is input and correct as it tracks pretty true to the runways on approach. Can anything be looked at regarding these 2 issues?
  14. HAving an issue with install.. I use the livery manager and everything seems to upload fine but when I select the aircraft from the scenario screen, IT doesnt have a preview and if I try to load into the sim, it just reverts back to the previous plane.. any suggestions?
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