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  1. Ok Tom, not to give you a big head but you were spot on about MWB and uninstalling it- that fixed it. I had even checked for processes and even though there were none still running it must have been denying outgoing traffic! Thank you for your help and quick response!
  2. How come they didnt offer this patch as a download like the others?
  3. Ok, I'll give that a shot..thx!
  4. Still not working- I have no idea what the issue could be now...
  5. Im going to try closing at Defender totally and see if that fixes it...Thanks for your assistance on this btw!
  6. I have Malwarebytes but that was the first thing I closed out. Next I disabled AV and the FW. I then added all AS services I have into the FW as well just in case. No other services are running that should be blocking ports...
  7. Hi Tom: I've tried that and its still giving the same errors- Is Version the latest version of the updater? I've clipped the screncap below showing AV and FW are disabled..
  8. Hi all: Anyone else getting an error when trying to update with AS Updater? I am running this in admin mode, I opened a file exception in my firewall, but in trying to update the CRJ 500/700 to, I saw that you cant download the new version (Its not in my store account on AS Website) but said to run the updater to get the latest version. This is the output I get: Only regular updates are available for installation (Sorry all my other Aerosoft purchases are listed in the update as well just in case..) Im going to check for an exception for the website too but
  9. Hi all: This is my first flight since the patch and I haven't shot the approach yet, but I wanted to show that so far I haven't seen what you are experiencing. It is tracking properly so far. Are you seeing it when in HDG mode? Hope you get it figured out and if you want me to try anything let me know if i can help...
  10. I am currently at FL240 with AP, NAV, and ALT all activated. the aircraft constantly climbs and decends even when AP is engaged. Throttles at at max, de-ice is on, recycled spoilers...This started after the last patch, and I have reinstalled the aircraft 3 times...what is going on with this thing?
  11. im at 33000 ft- Full throttle, 45000lbs and decending, aircraft will not go over 115 kts and is stalling- WTH? all Anti-ice is on, recycled spoilers, nothing is helping...
  12. Sorry- I typed mine in wrong- that should have been 270-285 above 10K.
  13. Normally I would set my climb with AP and SPD, starting with 250 kts...When I get above 10,000 I increase SPD to ~270-185 depending on my FL setting. This usually works great but not in this instance. I ended up having to go MAX throttle, climbing at 300 FPM and never got over 185 kts.
  14. I think I've read through all of them- I'll take another look. Im not getting icing warnings or anything, and most of my flights are perfect and dont reflect the performance above. Seems kind of random...Thanks!
  15. I am still seeing poor performance issues many times and cant pinpoint it. Currently I am in level flight at 20,000 ft, MAX throttles, and only doing 180 kts. TOW is 66172, Fuel is currently 4405 lbs. Is there a patch coming soon to fix all the issues that exist?
  16. Hi there! I did use the speed mode on this. For example, what I do, and correct me if i'm wrong, Im using TOGA during takeoff, after rotate, and gear up, flaps up at appropriate speed, I reduce to CLIMB speed, AP is on, NAV is on, and I select SPD mode and set to 250 KTS. After 10,000 ft I increase speed setting to 270 or so and thats about it. The problem recently is power was not available to attain that performance speed, even at MAX throttle. it was however working fine before the update. I have also added another post as now the engines are surging constantly, about 15-20% of power settin
  17. I noticed this started with the recent update- My engines will surge up and down- For example, i set V1 at 50%, they go back and forth from 50%-62% and back...over and over. anyone else seeing this?
  18. im having a similar issue- engines are surging during taxi, poor performance in thrust modes. Even climbing at 1000 fpm I am only able to do 160 KIAS. The previous version seems to have much better performance. I just got to FL260 and the aircraft will not climb any farther and is at 140 KIAS. Payload is 10695 lbs and 7814 lbs.
  19. Hello! I have downloaded the MegaAirport for EDDB and in trying to install for P3dV5, I get an error at the end of the installation saying "P3D v4 Install Path could not be found in the registry". This pops up when at the end of installation, the configurator launches. (Version When installation starts, the install path is correct. I'm running in administrator mode also. I then tried launching the P3Dv5 ORBX patch but that wont run since it doesnt see the base install of EDDB. Any ideas on how to fix?
  20. That .FLP is correct- see my screenshot below of my MSFS folder- These all have worked without any issues.
  21. I import from Simbrief every flight and do not have any issues. Did you try a different flightplan generator and see if that does the same thing?
  22. I have flown quite a lot of legs, around 40 now, and have very few issues as you are describing. I can import flightplans from Simbrief, load the performance parameters from the EFB, go from the cold & dark startup to fully ready. Flight performance is very good. After takeoff, the aircraft climbs according to what I set the speed at- 250Kts below 10,000 ft and its like a rocket. I can climb all the way to FL380 at 260kts+. ILS approach can be a little tricky with the GS, as I've had 3 or 4 that for whatever reason wouldnt lock on, but from what I read most pilots hand fly the approach, so
  23. Experiencing this as well-During climb, level flight, and decent, while tracking the waypoints the aircraft rolls 20-30 degrees in a zig-zag pattern.
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