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  1. stephen thanks for your note ........ now i'm thinking it may be a glitch in one of the aircraft files. will report more if apprpriate john
  2. I get some curious OFP (ATC) results on the above. The approved is at even FL's, not odd for flights in that north east direction. It is as best I know it a 1 way in that direction, but behaves in the opposite (?) "VMR M771 DULOP" is the route used to VHHH. If I use "VMR DCT DULOP" odd levels are filed. Is this an airac problem or ....... it is unique amongst many others (could it be because the WSSS track to VMR is west of north.. Comments welcomed.
  3. francescom i am surprised you have not heard from others ... given i thought there was many like you & i that have the " issue". have you updated to vers 1.1 of the a320/1 yet ... i was wondering if inadvertently / accidently there was a solution therein / it has disappeared ! i will be updating soon, just haven't had the time !! having simmed other complex aircraft on the same pc / same add-ons including the axe, i find it hard to believe it's not a "stress glitch" in the a320/1 somehow (as you have possibly identified). cheers john
  4. francescom an interesting & encouraging find ! i don't have the 318/9 & i have only flown the 320IAE so can't add any further to your efforts .... so hope another can "duplicate" your results for either model ! i do note however that others reported the "problem" on the 319 prior to the 320's release, but then that may have been before the various "fixes etc" to the 319 after its release. john
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