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  1. The current release of the CRJ7 appears to have broken the autopilot in several respects. Flight this afternoon from EGKK to EGJJ, takeoff Rwy08, SID= SAM3P. Armed SPEED & LNAV before takeoff. After 1000ft turned AP on. SID requires left hand turn of approx 180 deg. But at the turn the aircraft began a right-hand turn in the wrong direction! Needed to switch to HDG to correct and then set FMS to DIR next waypoint after realigning. Then on final to rwy08 EGJJ, plane would not hold 2000ft, even though ALT was shown as captured, and dropped to 1000ft necessitating adjusting back to 2000ft but GS would not capture, even though it changed on PDF from armed (white) to active (green). Think I might try removing it, and reinstalling after the latest 2020 World Update and see if makes any difference.
  2. I received the boxed Premium Delux version this morning and installed all 10 disks into a different drive / folder, the latter named simply FS2020. All went well installing the 10 disks into that folder 90+ GBytes. It automatically opened the Microsoft Game Store and popped up a screen for me to enter the Activation Code. However, after verifying the activation code, instead of simply installing the launcher it took me to the main 'pre-ordered' game screen and prompted me to "Install/Play". So I clicked that button, and it is proceeding to download I think the whole thing again, some 127 GBytes, into I don't know where!! What is the point of installing 90+ gb off 10 disks if you then have to install the whole thing off the store site?
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