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  1. I also just experienced this while trying to select RWY 15 at KASE, and all of the displays froze. It definitely seems to be an issue with changing arrival (or possibly departure too) data.
  2. I noticed that in the Originating Checks video, The Dude says that the fuel would start flowing as soon as a fuel truck arrives. Would you actually have to call the truck through the ATC menu after setting the desired quantity in the refuel/de-fuel panel? Or was this just for “realistic effect?”
  3. I saw earlier in this forum that the performance of the CRJ was about 5-7 fps less than the A320N. For the current testers, does anyone know any more specifics on the condition of that test? I.E the system specs, the airport, and the settings?
  4. Hello, this is my first post on this forum but I have been following it for quite awhile now. I noticed that in the Come Fly With Me series, whenever a display is popped out, the performance seems to drop significantly. Is this some sort of FPS restriction that occurs in the new window that transfers over to the main simulator, or is the CRJ just very heavy on frames compared to other aircraft?
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