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  1. I have been received this error using the A330 since the last update to version. Using the A319 (version the error does not happen. Others P3D simmers that has better video card than mine (a GTX750ti 1GB - bellow)  has received the same issue.


    Error that I received:



    Error that one other user received:


    There are similar users report of a GTX1070.



  2. Hi, Hanse. Today is Sunday and you should be with the family, in any case, thanks for your aid. Yes, we've already discussed this problem. I was guessing that the code with problem, for some reason, was active again. Speaking from developer to developer (I am a retired developer), these things can happen. Glad to know that was not the case. I'm going to review my concepts and keep trying here. Thank you.

  3. Since I am not knowing how to target an airport above sea level, as SBSP (2630 feet), I did a SBCT-SBFL at FL220, where SBFL is an airport that stays at 16 feet. This time  everything went perfect with the checklist.




    Sumarizing, here in the southern hemisphere (Brazil), my flights only have the cheklist working well when the destination airport is almost at sea level. In the northern hemisphere everything works perfect in any airport.





  4. I repeated the flight SBRJ-SBSP. The descent this time was on runway 17R of SBSP. The landing was good and when I applied the brakes my speed already was less than 60 knots and I still had a good runway length to give the LEAVE RUNWAY message time to be shown but it was not shown and the checklist stopped (no AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST and so on). The last item in the checklist was LANDING CHECKLIST. In the image bellow (before the landing) I show the exact moment MINIMUS was call out. There is a msg LDG INHIBIT on ECAM. Why this? The second image is from MCDU3 just after landing.





  5. Flight from SBRJ to SBSP (2631") using A319 EASYJET G-EZAX (v1.2.4.0) at FL280.

    Route "SBRJ SID(IH1C.UMBAD) UZ44 PAGOG STAR(PAGOG2A) SBSP ILS35LX". At PERF APPR page the QNH, temp and wind were got from ATIS 127.650. Intercept GS set to 5000 feet and DA 2829 feet acording chart for SBSP ILS 35 (site AISWEB).

    Using Navigraph 1806.


    Checklist worked well until the LANDING CHECKLIST was call out and after that the AFTER LANDING was not call out. After landing and still in the runway,  the message LEAVE RUNWAY was not show and the checklist has stopped working. I only applied the brakes (after reverses) when the speed was under 60 knots. The image on the MCDU3 shows a confuse checklist just after landing.


    I'm sorry to be returning to this subject, but my flights (using checklist and copilot) in Europe and USA always work out. 





  6. 7 hours ago, Hanse said:

    I am confused: Why are you using this "old" tutorial for the 32bit version instead of the new updated version for the 64bit version if you are flying the Airbus Professional?


    I like this flight tutorial from LOWI to LFMN.


    About the reported problem, It was my fault. Probably I forgot to click on 'ALIGN IRS' in INIT page the last time. You can close this topic.


    Best regards.




  7. I made a full fresh installation of version and started a flight using checklist and co-pilot. The flight was the one in tutorial step-by-step LOWI-LFMN using the A320-232 IAE SHARK.
    Problems (maybe):

    (1) In MCDU3, LOAD and FUEL, PAX, the START BOARDING still does not blink when clicked;

    (2) After the START CHECKLIST was done, after more than 5 minutes of the ADIRs were aligned (first picture bellow), after I have entered with the route  and just before to start the pushback, the PFD and ND were as shown in the second picture bellow;

    (3) I gave up to keep trying. 





  8. Roger... 

    Aircraft: A319-132 IAE (TAM PR-MAN) version (the latest).

    Flight Plan: SBRJ/SBSP AT FL260






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